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Spotlight on ROVER, June 2015

What is ROVER?

ROVER (Recommended Online Video Education Resources) is a video streaming service for Saskatchewan teachers and students in the PreK-12 education system. It is managed and maintained by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.

The ROVER service is video-on-demand which provides teachers and students with the convenience of immediate access to streamed, educational videos that support curricula. ROVER videos are housed on a server located in a school or school division network so there are no bandwidth issues, resulting in better picture quality and continuous play of videos without pauses. The videos are intended for viewing on the streaming site and not for copying or downloading.

There are over 1000 videos on ROVER that can be accessed by teachers and students to enhance learning in the classroom. All the videos found on this site have been evaluated by educational professionals and recommended to support Saskatchewan's K-12 curricula. The ROVER collection of videos continues to evolve as new videos are added annually and old videos expire.

ROVER is accessible from within Saskatchewan schools or school division offices without a login.Outside of schools, it is possible to access ROVER using a login through a Blackboard account. Every teacher and student in Saskatchewan is registered with a Blackboard account. For more information, please contact networkservices@gov.sk.ca or call our Sector Support Desk at 1-866-933-8333.