That's Art?! Episode 2: Paul Booth, David Arrigo and Roger Wood

Series: That's Art?!
In the profile of Paul Booth, some viewers may find the ghoulish imagery Booth includes in many of his tattoos disturbing or unsettling. The profile of David Arrigo, which incorporates imagery such as an Indigenous face and headdress, could be used to initiate conversations about the ceremonies and protocols surrounding the gifting and wearing of headdresses and the issues of stereotyping and cultural appropriation when using this imagery in arts, sports and pop culture. Educators are advised to preview all video programs before using them in the classroom.
That's Art?! dives into the depths of the darkest corners of the human soul with tattoo artist Paul Booth, a rock star of New York's tattoo scene. David Arrigo shows what it takes to put art on the helmet of an NHL goalie. Meanwhile, Roger Wood explains the philosophy behind steam punk art and why you should try this at home.

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