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Out in the Cold

There is some swearing in the program. Educators are advised to consult their school division's material selection policy before using this program.
Thomas is dumped on the outskirts of the city. There he meets two men, Soft as Snow and Cold as Ice. When Thomas suggests the two men should walk back to the city with him, Cold as Ice and Soft as Snow persuade him to stay the night. Cold as Ice wants Thomas to die and join them; Soft as Snow wants Thomas to survive the night so he can return to the city and tell people their story. Filmed in black and white, the program is inspired by the freezing deaths of several First Nations men in Saskatoon. The police practice of taking individuals to an isolated edge of the city where they would be beaten or abandoned earns Canada a place on the 2001 Amnesty International report of human rights abuses. This film will stimulate discussion about the state of disregard and oppression faced by Indigenous people in Canada and around the world.