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Louis Says. Season 2, Episode 3. No Hard Fillings/Sweet Jewelry

Series: Louis Says
Episode 1A: No Hard Fillings - Randy must take something thôskâw (soft) and maskawâw (hard) to Mrs. Charles so she can make a doll. Episode 1B: Sweet Jewelry - Randy must use beads to make a birthday present. Louis asks him to make a kiskinawâcihôkispison (bracelet) and a tâpiskâkanîmin (necklac...


Louis Says. Season 2, Episode 2. Wind and Water/Scary Garden

Series: Louis Says
Episode 1A: Wind and Water - On one of the hottest days of the year, Cree Elder Louis asks Randy to ensure everyone has nipiy (water). Randy and his friend Katie try to figure out what people may need on a hot day. They end up making paper accordion fans so people can fan themselves with a cool b...


Louis Says. Season 2, Episode 1. Mixed Salad/Mrs. Charles is a Superhero

Series: Louis Says
Episode 1A: Mixed Salad - Cree Elder Louis asks Randy to take oskâtâskwak (carrots) for their friend Mr. Thompson. He needs them for his salad. However, Randy is not sure what the Cree word means. He devises a plan to figure out what oskâtâskwak means, but not before he confuses carrots with kihc...


Louis Says. Season 1, Episode 8. A Paint Job/Let It Snow

Series: Louis Says
Episode 8A: A Paint Job - Louis tells Randy that Mrs. Charles is working on a sopekahikewin (a painting) and she needs paint and brushes. Katie thinks sopekahikewin means painting the walls. Katie thinks Mr. Thompson might have some leftover paint and brushes he can give to Mrs. Charles. Mrs. Cha...


Louis Says. Season 1, Episode 7. Skipping the Rope/Car Trouble

Series: Louis Says
Episode 7A: Skipping the Rope - Louis asks Randy to bring peminuhkwan (rope) to Mr. Thompson. Katie tells Randy that she heard her sister saying the word peminuhkwan when she was skipping the rope. Randy thinks that Mr. Thompson needs a skipping rope, but what Mr. Thompson needs is a rope to hang...


Louis Says. Season 1, Episode 6. Digging for Dinosaurs/Some Kind of Syrup

Series: Louis Says
Episode 6A: Digging for Dinosaurs - Randy tells Randy that Emily's son wants a dinosaur musinahikan (book). Randy thinks that, since dinosaurs are extinct, Louis wants him to find dinosaur bones. He invites Katie and Anne to help him with the task. The kids start digging for bones, but all they f...


Louis Says. Season 1, Episode 5. The Birdhouse/Lost and Found

Series: Louis Says
Episode 5A: The Birdhouse - When Randy arrives at Louis' house, he's given the task of the day, which is to get pitheses (bird) food for Mr. Charles. Katie thinks pitheses means fish. When they get to Mr. Charles' house, the kids find him outside, building a birdhouse. Mr. Charles tells them that...


Louis Says. Season 1, Episode 4. Goodbye Clutter/Count On Anne

Series: Louis Says
Episode 4A: Goodbye Clutter - Louis gives Randy a sack and instructs him to collect uyanisa and metuwakuna (clothes and toys) for donations. Anne tells Randy that the words mean clothes and toys and suggests that he donates some of the clothes and toys that he doesn't use anymore. Episode 4B: Co...


Louis Says. Season 1, Episode 3. The Big Pie Sale/Colours of the Quilt

Series: Louis Says
Episode 3A: The Big Pie Sale - Louis tells Randy that he has to deliver kuhkithuw (all) the blueberries to Mrs. Charles. Randy picks up only one pail. When Randy arrives to Mrs. Charles' house with one pail of blueberries, she tells him that she's having a pie sale and the one pail of blueberries...


Louis Says. Season 1, Episode 2. No Time for Stories/Stick to the Plan

Series: Louis Says
Episode 2A: No Time for Stories - Louis asks Randy to help Mr. Thompson collect the medicinal plant known as rat root. He also tells him bring muskimot (a bag) with him. Randy thinks that muskimot means hiking shoes. He borrows Anne's hiking shoes. The hiking shoes Randy is wearing are too small ...


Louis Says. Season 1, Episode 1. Dare to Get the Bear/Beading Stars

Series: Louis Says
Episode 1A: Dare to Get the Bear - Louis uses both English and Cree words to tell Randy that Emily's son is sick and that he needs to get him a maskohkân (teddy bear) to make him feel better. Randy thinks maskohkân means a bear's fang. Mr. Thompson tells Randy that maskohkân means teddy bear and ...


Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 3, Episode 8: An Unpredictable Night

Paramedics respond to a stabbing, a man who can't breathe, a highway collision and a bar fight.


Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 3, Episode 7: Laying in the Dark

Teams are called to a a possible spinal injury, a man struggling to breathe, a stroke patient and a domestic assault.


Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 3, Episode 6: High-Stress Situation

Paramedics respond to two minors shot with BB guns, a man overdosing under a vehicle, a man having seizures and a postpartum mom with chest pain.


3 Cool Facts About Teepees with Cottonball

In this short video, Cottonball visits FortWhyte Alive in Winnipeg and learns 3 interesting facts about teepees from her new friend, Sara.

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