How do I use ROVER?

  • There are various methods to search for curriculum-recommended videos on ROVER. If you know the name of a specific video, there is a text search on the top right of each screen. This search can be filtered to search for English language videos, French language videos, or All Videos.
  • The Advanced Search link allows you to further filter searches by the following categories: title name, series name, keyword in the video description, ID number, content, subject, grade, and suggested uses.
  • Also, you can choose to search by either Subject or Grade. This will change the menu tabs which have pull down menus to further specify another level of filtering. For example, selecting Grade 2 > Arts Education will compile all the ROVER videos designated for this grade and subject.
  • On the menu, there is a tab called “All Videos” which generates an alphabetic list of all the videos in the ROVER collection.
  • A successful search will bring up a list of video titles including a picture and abbreviated description of each video. The video can be watched by clicking on the picture or you can learn more about the video by clicking on “Go to Detailed Description”. This detail will include a full description of the video, a picture, copyright date, producer, length of the video in minutes, expiry date, recommended uses for specific grades, subjects, suggested uses, and related resources such as a teacher's guide accompanying the video.
  • If you wish to print out the results of your search, use the “Export to PDF” link located below the menu. Play the video from an individual school computer or use a projector for classroom viewing.
  • A video can be played by clicking on the play video on the picture. The video player has play, stop, and pause buttons, a time counter, a full-screen feature, and volume control.
  • To access the French site (REVEL - Ressources éducatives vidéos en ligne) there is a language link at the top right corner of the banner.

How are new videos chosen for the ROVER collection?

  • The Ministry of Education has a team of educational professionals who evaluate and recommend learning resources that support curricula. Resources are located using product catalogues, video reviews in journals, and recommendations from teachers in the field.
  • The following criteria will be considered when selecting videos: visual/sound quality, content must support curriculum outcomes, social considerations (fair and equitable), support current ministry priorities (e.g., First Nation, Métis, and Inuit Content and Perspectives), instructional design, qualifications of developer (preference to Saskatchewan or Canadian resources), and cost.
  • Preference is also given to programs with newer production dates. The ministry is able to negotiate video licenses for rights for terms of approximately five years. It is important that the purchased video for streaming is as relevant five years from now as it is the day it is added to ROVER.

Can I suggest a video to be added to ROVER?

Yes, if you would like to suggest a video for inclusion in ROVER which supports Saskatchewan curricula, please provide us with the following information and send it to networkservices@gov.sk.ca

  • Video Title
  • Producer or Distributor
  • Applicable to which Subject/Grade Level/Unit/Outcome
  • Your Contact Information, School, and Division

All suggestions will be considered and the videos will be entered into the ministry's standard evaluation process to determine a curriculum fit and ROVER suitability.

What does the expiry date on a video mean?

  • The ministry negotiates licensing agreements and public performance rights that allow us to legally stream a video for a determined period of time for a specific audience or clientele (in this case, the education sector in Saskatchewan). Usually, we have arranged for the end of these agreements to coincide with the end of the school year to aid teachers in their planning.
  • The expiry date is posted clearly on the description page for each video, so that users can be aware when the video will no longer be available on ROVER. After a program expires, it is removed from ROVER.
  • The licensing agreements for rights are legal copyright agreements and the ministry must abide by the terms and conditions, specifically the expiry rights of the videos, set out in these agreements.
  • Videos are intended for viewing on the ROVER streaming site. Any unauthorized use of these videos such as the duplication, downloading, editing, or selling videos, is an infringement of copyright and an illegal activity.
  • As videos expire, new videos are added annually in order to continuously evolve the ROVER collection. If there are invaluable video resources nearing expiration that you believe needs to continue to be available on ROVER, please contact us by email at networkservices@gov.sk.ca. In your email, provide the following information:
  • video title and video number
  • expiry date
  • producer or distributor
  • applicable to which subject/grade level/unit/outcome
  • your contact information, school, and division

Does ROVER affect the school division network?

  • This system is integrated into your school's network. Software installations should not be required on any end-user computers as the system uses common Internet software.
  • The video collection is housed on a local server, known as the ROVER server, located within the school network; so usage will not affect inbound or outbound CommunityNet or Internet traffic.
  • Video streaming servers are remotely maintained and upgraded from the main server which is housed in Regina. The technical goal is for the service to require as little attention as possible at the school site. Schools will not be required to download new video resources to their server. The addition of new videos to the collection will follow an automated download from the main server to the school site's server.

Why change to a digital streaming service from a video duplication service?

  • As computers become more prevalent in our schools and our lives, streaming video is a natural progression in the technology available to support educational goals. This upgrade supports the Ministry of Education's continued commitment to deliver quality services for greater access to curriculum-based recommended video resources.
  • The two primary benefits for ROVER include the overall cost saving benefit and the quality of secure, on-demand service that ROVER delivers.
  • Users have immediate access to a wide variety of videos that are easily searchable, previewed ahead of classroom use to aid in lesson planning, and easily viewed by individuals or in a class-setting at the click of a mouse.