Grade 9 Social Studies

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Series: Warriors
In 73 BC, Spartacus was a deserter from the Roman army. After being sold in the slave market, he leads his fellow slaves and gladiators in a bid for freedom. The rebellion was a victory for Spartacus and his men and brought the Roman Empire to the brink of revolution.


Series: Warriors
Napoleon created the biggest Empire since the days of Rome. Napleon's success at the seige of Toulon in 1793 laid the foundation for his rise to absolute power. Napoleon's tactical genius, bravery and ambition at Toulon provides the impetus for victory and for his eventual rise a Emperor of France.

The End of the Aztec Empire

Series: The Aztecs
In 1519, the Spanish Conquistador, Hernán Cortès, sailed from Europe to land in what is now Mexico. Their journey inland was difficult, but they reached the Aztec capital city and met Moctezuma, the Aztec leader who expelled them from the city. In time they returned and overturned the great Aztec...

In Search of the Aztecs

Series: The Aztecs
This program tells the story of the Aztec Empire that flourished in Central America about 500 years ago and its fabulous capital city of Tenochtitlan that is being excavated under the centre of Mexico City. Computer animations show what the city was like and remarkable Aztec artifacts, discovered...

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