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A Mother's Earth

Series: Wapos Bay
This award-winning series, produced in Cree, English and French, uses stop-motion animation to portray life in a fictional northern Saskatchewan community. It focuses on issues and events in the lives of children and their supportive families in this traditional Cree community. The adults guide t...

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Addicted to Plastic

This feature-length documentary is an investigation to find out what we really know about plastics and why there is so much plastic in our world. The video illustrates their toxic legacy and showcases the men and women dedicated to developing solutions to plastic pollution.

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Understanding Canadian Government

This program provides examines the federal and provincial governments. The hosts discuss the differences in government structures, the powers that each have, and the roles that each play in Canadian democracy.

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Understanding Adaptation to Specific Habitats

During a dream, Jesse adapts to his environment by growing an extra pair of arms. Jesse and Seka pay one more visit to their wetland where Tabby helps them figure out how species have adapted to living there, how they interrelate and how they depend on this environment for survival.

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Sex Facts: Teens and STDs

Realistic vignettes and information from adults, including medical professionals, provide facts about sexually transmitted diseases: what they are, how they are contracted and symptoms and treatment. The program makes clear that while condoms offer protection, abstinence is the only 100% guarante...

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BrainDance 3. Standing

In these videos, Anne Green Gilbert and her students (toddlers through seniors) demonstrate variations of the BrainDance. These exercises move through fundamental movement patterns that wire the central nervous system in the first year of life. The BrainDance offers benefits such as improved mood...

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Coordinate Geography

Series: Mathemania 3
The first quadrant of the Cartesian plane is explored in the context of a city street grid. Other features include using coordinates, graphing relationships and how slope is measured.

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Remembrance Day

This video examines the history of Remembrance Day. The first Remembrance Day was held in 1919 to commemorate the end of the First World War. This video includes footage of scenes in the air, at sea and in the trenches. There are voice excerpts from Churchill and Hitler, a reading from the poem I...

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Before You Hook-up: Dating Rights and Responsibilities

With input from teens and a teen counsellor, this program highlights the essentials of a healthy relationship. Teens learn the essentials of a healthy partnership including trust, communication, respect and conflict resolution. Teens and experts emphasize the rights every young person has in a re...

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Do You Have an Eating Disorder?

This program helps viewers to understand the seriousness of eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, purging and compulsive exercising. It addresses the causes, warning signs, physical and psychological effects, treatments, and where to go for help. It also offers suggestions f...

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Abuse. If It Happens to You

This program is designed to help young teens understand that abuse, of all types, is more common than they think and if it happens to them, they need to tell a trusted adult. It examines the different types of abuse that can occur: physical, emotional and sexual, and helps young teens understand ...

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Joane Cardinal-Schubert

Series: From the Spirit
Multi-media artist, Joane Cardinal-Schubert discusses and shows how her paintings reflect her strong spirituality and the influence of the traditional First Nations petroglyphs. Joane is of Blackfoot ancestry and she grew up near Red Deer, Alberta. She challenges others to question the lack of ac...

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Career Assessment: Finding a Career That Fits

This video briefly explores interests, skills and values as key components in making career choices. The program emphasizes that self-assessment, career assessment and career exploration are critical steps toward making appropriate career choices. The program identifies websites to use for career...

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Naming and Measuring Angles

Series: Mathemania 3
Key concepts of angles are introduced such as defining and writing information about an angle, mathematical notation for rays, line segments and lines. Other topics introduced include obtuse angles, acute angles and congruent angles.

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Painted on the Spot: On the Road with Ernie Luthi

Between his drawings and his paintings, it's estimated that Dr. Ernest Luthi created some 10,000 artistic works, many of which he painted "on the spot" in rural Saskatchewan. Ernie claimed it was his love of nature and the changing times that fueled his passion for painting the Saskatchewan lands...