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Level 20 Social Studies

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Voices of Courage

This 2010 CTV Remembrance Day special features four veterans who share their personal experiences of war, carnage and courage, and the toll it has taken on their lives as survivors. The video features Pat Stogran, Canada's Veterans' Ombudsman, who shares his stories of serving in Bosnia and Afgha...

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Tar Sands: Canada for Sale

Tar Sands: Canada for Sale captures the intersecting storyline of a remarkable cast of characters eager to cash in on the oil boom in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Washington lobbyists, pipefitters from Newfoundland, Chinese investors and Norwegian industrialists descend on tar-soaked Fort McMurray, a ...

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Women's Rights. Raising the Glass Ceiling

Series: Global Issues
In some countries around the world, women continue to fight for basic rights. This video program examines the rights of women in the U.S. vs. those living in China, Afghanistan and Kenya. Violence against women continues to be used as a weapon to ensure compliance. The program offers a brief hist...

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Waging Peace: Canada in Afghanistan

In 2006, Canada takes on a larger role as Canadian troops are deployed to Afghanistan. Troops are sent to Kandahar province, where most of the fighting takes place. The Afghanistan mission creates more controversy in Canadian history than any other military intervention and the casualty count con...

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Hijacked Future

This video examines agriculture and genetic modification of seeds. Today's society has an abundance and variety of food items; however, is the system sustainable? In the past, seeds adapted over thousands of years to withstand diseases and changes in the environment. Multinational corporations re...

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The Dark Side of Chocolate

This video investigates how human trafficking, child labour and slavery fuel the chocolate industry. Southern Mali and cocoa plantations in Cote d'Ivoire are featured. Hidden cameras capture traffickers selling children to plantations for labour. In 2001, major chocolate manufacturers signed a si...

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Chicken for Africa: The Dirty Trade of Leftovers

This video examines the agricultural industry, focusing on chickens. White meat is prized in Europe and North America due to the wellness craze. What happens to the remainder of the chicken? Wings, thighs, backs and innards are exported to developing countries. Ghana annually receives 90,000 tons...

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The Birth of Israel

On May 14, 1948, Prime Minister David Ben Gurion announced the establishment of the state of Israel. The events of 1948 are a triumph for the Israelis; however, for the Palestinians it is the beginning of the 'naqba' or, being driven from their homeland. Within 24 hours, the Egyptian, Jordanian a...

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Prayer of Peace. This is Our Home: Standing for Freedom in Burma

This short video accompanies the full length documentary called "Prayer of Peace: Relief and Resistance in Burma's Way Zone."

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Prayer of Peace: Relief and Resistance in Burma's War Zone

This video discusses the Karen people and their struggle for survival in Burma. Over one million Karen villagers fight to stay alive inside Burma. Filmmaker Matt Blauer illegally crosses the border seven times as he assists aid workers. He interviews a nurse who is devoted to helping escapees fol...

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Nelson Mandela

This video provides an overview of Nelson Mandela's activism and struggles for equality. Nelson pays a heavy price to become the first Black president of South Africa. He is imprisoned for 27 years for fighting against apartheid. After his release from prison, Nelson leads his political party in ...

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Milking the Rhino. Grazing

This is a thematic module based on the full length film, Milking the Rhino (N749).

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Milking the Rhino. Human-Wildlife Conflicts

This is a thematic module based on the full length film, Milking the Rhino (N749).

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Milking the Rhino. Profiting From Conservation

This is a thematic module based on the full length film, Milking the Rhino (N749).

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Milking the Rhino

This video examines the human-wildlife co-existence in post-colonial Africa. Two African cultures are highlighted - Kenya's Maasai tribe and Namibia's Himba tribe. Both communities suffered under a century of "white man conservation" which turned lands into game reserves and took away the traditi...