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Price of Freedom. Episode 2

The video focuses on the cost of war to maintain Canada's freedoms as well as the price paid by soldiers in combat and as prisoners of war in the Second World War.

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Stanley Mission

This video tells the story of the oldest building in Saskatchewan, Stanley Mission, from its beginnings to its restoration in the 1980s to present day. Through interviews, on-site footage and photographs, Stanley Mission is explained as a centre to the community, the vision of its creator and hav...

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Design. All About Color

In this program, interior designer Brandi Hagen addresses the history and development of colour theories, the colour wheel, warm and cool colours, and colour schemes in clothing and interior design. She provides examples for concepts and terminology used in colour theory (e.g., hue, value, chroma...

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Series: Warriors
Napoleon created the biggest Empire since the days of Rome. Napleon's success at the seige of Toulon in 1793 laid the foundation for his rise to absolute power. Napoleon's tactical genius, bravery and ambition at Toulon provides the impetus for victory and for his eventual rise a Emperor of France.

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Preston Singletary

Seattle artist, Preston Singletary, has been referred to as "bridge artist" between the artistic traditions of the Northwest Coast and glassmakers. He discusses his Tlingit/Filipino heritage, his love of music and shows several of his works in progress.

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Aaron Paquette

A descendant of the Cree and Cherokee and Norwegian people, Edmonton artist Aaron Paquette was a troubled adolescent who drank, did drugs and hurt people. When his twin sons were born, he reunited with his father who had abandoned him and his mother and he turned his life around. He speaks of the...

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Think Before You Click: Playing It Safe Online

While the Internet is a place of promise and progress, it is also a place of peril for young teens. Chat rooms, email, sites such as MySpace, and instant messaging allow teens to keep in touch with friends, but also offer the potential for youngsters to be abused in ways they have not considered....

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Stanley Mission. Additional Interviews

This video contains additional interviews that were prepared in the making of the documentary, Stanley Mission (N1319).

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Goal Setting: Discovering Your Gifts

Featuring a narrator who is standing on an Arizona mountain and interviews with real teens, this program outlines five steps to goal setting, particularly goals related to future careers. They include: (1.) Identify your goal and write it down, (2.) List your obstacles, (3.) Identify individuals ...

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Circuit Training. Core Body Exercises

This video demonstrates 21 different upper body exercises. Each demonstration is approximately 10-20 seconds in length. The exercises demonstrated are: 1. Plank 2. Hipsters 3. V-Sit Tap 4. Jackknife* 5. Crunch 6. Superman 7. Side Plank 8. Russian Twist 9. Prone Ball Roll* 10. Leg Lift -...

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The Great Effect of the Imagination on the World. The Art of Brenda Francis Pelkey

Pelkey examines how making a personal environment with personal meanings conveys the magic of the imagination and inserts our individuality and humanity into our living spaces.

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The Seeds of a New Era

This episode examines the science of genetically modified crops and foods. It begins by explaining, through creative animation, the actual process by which a foreign gene is introduced into a plant. It then examines the actual benefits and risks of the two types of genes currently added to GM cro...

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Am I Ready? Making Healthy Sexual Decisions

In this true-to-life video, real teenagers and health experts talk frankly about the importance of healthy decision-making when it comes to sexual health. The video addresses the many factors that contribute to a young person's decision to become sexually active or not, beginning with a discussio...

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The Sky is Not the Limit Part 1

What happens when a small group of hardworking, sleep-deprived and chronically underfunded university students take on some of the brightest engineering minds in North America at NASA's Space Elevator Games? Follow the USST as they prepare for and compete at Edward's Airforce Base for NASA's top ...

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The Periodic Table

Starting with an overview of the periodic table and its historical development, this program includes the origin of the symbols and the definitions of atomic number and mass. The program examines the existence of different groups within the table and why they occur. Students will look at typical ...