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March On! An Interview with Dr. Christine King Ferris

In celebration of the 45th anniversary of the March on Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s sister presents a personal account of the day Dr. King delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech .

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Smelling Smelly

When three filmmakers were challenged to create a film about a touchy topic, they came up with a unique solution--a silent-movie style film that conveys key concepts about personal hygiene with comic-like graphics. One of the filmmakers, Norean Goldston, plays the role of the central character, "...

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Fall Comes to Lac La Ronge

Fall Comes to Lac La Ronge is a 15 minute video produced by Randy Johns and Richard Frisky for KCDC. It details the cycle of the seasons as they slowly transform from the glory of summer to the splendour of fall. How various life forms prepare for fall is highlighted, including the migration patt...

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Aboriginality re-imagines the strength and spirit of First Nations culture through narrative mediums that connect urban First Nations youth to their rural ancestral histories. Dallas Arcand, world champion hoop dancer and hip-hop artist, is inspired by both new and traditional elements of First N...

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Nelson Mandela

This video provides an overview of Nelson Mandela's activism and struggles for equality. Nelson pays a heavy price to become the first Black president of South Africa. He is imprisoned for 27 years for fighting against apartheid. After his release from prison, Nelson leads his political party in ...

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Triangles and Quadrilaterals

Series: Mathemania 3
Students will learn how triangles can be classified by side length and by angles. The different types of convex quadrilaterals are named and illustrated.

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The Rockies

Geologists search for clues of massive tectonic shifts that reverberate through the continent, forcing the mountains up out of the plains. Bends and cracks reveal the growth pangs of the mountain building era.

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The Great Lakes

This episode tells the story of the changes in the geology and landscape of the vast central area of North America. In recent geologic history, five interconnected freshwater lakes are formed. We explore a long vanished mountain range, the remains of a tropical salt-water sea and trace the story ...

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The Canadian Shield

Geologic time has shaped the Canadian Shield into a complex ensemble ranging over millions of square kilometres. The geography of the Shield has been surveyed from North to South, and yet its underground world still leaves much to be explored. The Canadian Shield is one of the last frontiers of h...

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The Atlantic Coast

This episode tells the story in three dramatic chapters of how tectonic upheaval pummelled and pounded eastern North America until the shape we recognize today finally emerged. The discovery of fossils provides proof of how North America and Africa were once bound together. Tectonic movement lies...

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The Appalachians

From studying the sediment deposits at Anticosti Island, to rebuilding the history of one of the most significant mass extinctions (443 million years ago), scientists are piecing together elements that continue to shape this diverse region. Scientists reveal the fractures in this active earthquak...

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Sports Injury Prevention and Assessment

This video provides a comprehensive guide to the issue of sports injury: its prevention where possible and successful treatment when prevention fails. It covers the following areas: prevention of injury, including warm-ups, protective equipment, diet and appropriate training regimes, immediate as...

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Similarity, Ratio and Proportion

Series: Mathemania 3
Using examples from the natural world, students learn about similarity, ratio and proportion. Students will learn to survey to find the width of a river and use a mirror to find the height of a tall object.

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Naming and Measuring Angles

Series: Mathemania 3
Key concepts of angles are introduced such as defining and writing information about an angle, mathematical notation for rays, line segments and lines. Other topics introduced include obtuse angles, acute angles and congruent angles.

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Geometric Transformations

Series: Mathemania 3
The narrator in the video uses everyday situations to explain translations, rotations, reflections and dilations.