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Grade 4 Health Education

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What's Respect?

Each of the four vignettes on this video teaches about respect. A narrator introduces the topic in each vignette and then each one is followed by a set of questions to encourage reflection and consideration of personal experiences. By the end of this program, students will understand the importan...

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Spring Safety. Anaphylactic Safety

The short video explains what anaphylactic shock is and how to help someone in distress.

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Spring Safety. 9-1-1 Safety

This short video explains how and when to call 911, including when calling is not warranted.

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Why Do Bullies Bully?

After watching these four programs, students will gain a better understanding of bullying and build a stronger foundation when dealing with bullies. What is A Bully? What Bullies Do - What does a bully look like? What does a bully sound like? This program provides insight that helps students ide...

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Internet Bullies

These three programs teach students the meaning of cyber harassment, why it spells trouble, and how to protect themselves from being a victim.

Internet Bullies: What Is It? - For many kids, the Internet is an important part of their daily routine. Unfortunately, with the immediacy of th...

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Got Empathy?

Children will learn to understand the meaning of empathy and its importance in these four programs. Got Empathy? Do Something - How do you show empathy? How do you show you care? Students learn that empathy is more than a feeling and that true empathy comes from our actions. Got Empathy? It's a ...

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Everybody's Different

The episodes in this video focus on accepting differences, whether physical, cultural, appearance or abilities. Everybody's Different: We Look Different - In this program, students learn sometimes people can feel uncomfortable around others who have physical disabilities. Viewers learn everyone i...

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These four segments in this program identify, through real-life examples, the meaning and effects, both good and bad, of cliques. Cliques? It Feels Good to Belong - Finding their place in a particular social group is a primary concern of many children. Cliques are groups of friends, but not all g...

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Raven Power

Raven identifies, through several scenarios, that the men and boys in the community take the women and girls for granted and show lack of respect for them. The women go on a week-long retreat, and only Jacob seems able to make coffee, cook meals and keep things running. Raven and Chief Big Sky ne...

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Winter Safety

This program makes the point that winter can be fun if you follow some simple safety rules. The video host talks about the importance of: dressing properly, wearing proper protective equipment for outdoor sports, ice safety and playing away from roads and snowbanks.

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Fall Safety

Fall brings about thoughts of "back to school", Halloween, changing colors, and harvesting in rural areas. Out host Maggie examines school bus safety, schoolyard safety, trick-or-treating safety, and farm safety.

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Summer Safety

Ahhh summer! Sun, sand, water, but we must be careful as well. Our host Maggie talks about water and pool safety, boat safety, bicycle safety, sun protection, as well as the importance of hydration and what to do with bites, stings and poison ivy.

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When You Feel Left Out

With two teen hosts and three realistic scenarios, this video addresses the hurt feelings that young children experience when they are left out. One girl feels neglected when two of her friends get their ears pierced at the same time; one boy feels excluded because he is too shy to make friends a...

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Words That Hurt

The video offers an introduction by two teen hosts and three true-to-life scenarios about young students who are hurt by words. One boy is called names because of his dyslexia; a girl is gossiped about because her mom lost her job; another girl is rejected by peers when she wants to join a basket...

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Spring Safety

Spring is a time of melting ice, changing weather and spring cleaning. Viewers join our host Maggie as she discusses staying off lakes and ponds, storm and general weather safety, playground safety and spring cleaning safety.