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Raven Power

Raven identifies, through several scenarios, that the men and boys in the community take the women and girls for granted and show lack of respect for them. The women go on a week-long retreat, and only Jacob seems able to make coffee, cook meals and keep things running. Raven and Chief Big Sky ne...


The Science of Nutrition: Video Clips Collection with Leslie Beck

This collection of short video clips explores the science of nutrition and provides facts to promote healthier decision-making. Hosted by Leslie Beck, the clips offers students information on important nutrition topics. Teachers will find these segments useful for planning instruction related to ...


Friendship Basics

Series: Character
An adult male host and some young students address ways to make new friends, keep them and end them in a positive way. The video is upbeat and entertaining.


Communication Basics

Series: Character
Young hosts Anne and Ben speak with a communication professor and professional actors in order to learn about good communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal. The video addresses communication basics, active listening, non-verbal communication and online communication.


Staying Safe on the Internet

Through scenarios, an off-the-wall teen named Computer Chip teaches viewers the following rules about cyber safety: 1. Do not give out personal information to anyone. 2. Do not open emails from people you do not know. 3. Tell someone (a trusted adult) if you get an email from someone you do not k...


Help! I'm a Bully

Series: Bully Smart
Bullying is a learned behaviour that can be changed. In this program, the kids themselves discover their bullying behaviour and successfully change it. Three scenarios are enacted: Help, I Spread Humours; Help, I Leave People; and Help, I Thought It Was Funny. Viewers develop a real sense of the ...


Five Ways to Stop a Bully

Series: Bully Smart
Bullies are everywhere, but that does not mean they should be tolerated. This program shows victims and bystanders how to stop a bully. Viewers are guided through five strategies: stay away, stand up, put on a brave face, talk one-on-one, and tell an adult. In each scenario, viewers see what happ...


Don't Stand By

Series: Bully Smart
Witnesses to bullying are just as guilty as the bullies themselves. Using the video-diary format, viewers follow four young students who witness bullying and do something about it. Students see four ways a bystander can stand up to a bully: stop a bully together, talk to the bully, be a friend an...


Are You a Bully?

Series: Bully Smart
Kids can be bullies and not even realize it. Viewers learn that bullies are not always the kids who hit or intimidate. The program encourages students to recognize bullying behaviour in themselves. Viewers are introduced to five different bullies including Mark who thinks that tripping others on ...


As Long as the River Flows

Series: Wapos Bay 2
In this episode, T-Bear takes advantage of the All Chief's Conference to raise the issue of elder care. T-Bear's father encourages him to run for National Youth Council president. Talon's ideas to assist the elders of Wapos Bay become the core issues of the election campaign. Talon is jealous of ...


All's Fair

Series: Wapos Bay 2
Tryouts for the Aboriginal Winter Games hockey team are taking place when a new student, an Inuit boy named Elue Wetaluk, comes to Wapos Bay. T-Bear feels threatened by the newcomer's athletic ability and becomes very competitive. Meanwhile, Talon befriends Elue's visiting cousin, Jordin Tootoo, ...


Time Out on Anger: Learning Self-Control

Through four age-appropriate vignettes, young students are shown the basics of anger management. Each vignette demonstrates non-violent ways to deal with anger such as taking deep breaths, counting to 10 and talking about feelings of anger. The video stresses that while it is acceptable to be ang...


Proud to Be Me!: Building Self-Esteem

In this video, the leader of an after-school group notices that the children are feeling negative about themselves. The leader knows that each child has talents, skills, and special qualities; therefore, in order to boost the children's self-esteem she organizes a special program where the childr...


Feeling Good About Me: Building Self-Esteem Through Responsibility

This video will help students learn that being responsible means helping out when you're asked, following the rules and doing the right thing without being told. Viewers see children performing many easy-to-follow tasks that foster teamwork and self-esteem: cleaning up toys, helping with family c...


Conflict Resolution. The Top Ten Starters and Stoppers

Through vignettes that feature young students, viewers are shown the 10 most common causes of conflict and ways to negotiate disagreement and diffuse the conflict before it escalates. Conflict Resolution emphasizes that the outcome of a conflict depends upon the choices made by those involved. A ...

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