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Guardians of the North - Fall Challenges: Season 1: Episode 6

Fall Challenges

Guardians of the North - Part of the Team: Season 1: Episode 5

Part of the Team

Guardians of the North - Fighting Fire With Fire: Season 1: Episode 4

Fighting Fire With Fire

Guardians of the North - Community Under Fire: Season 1: Episode 3

Community Under Threat

Guardians of the North - Fire Season Begins: Season 1: Episode 2

Fire Season Begins

Guardians of the North - Spring Training: Season 1: Episode 1

Staying Wild - Survival of the Fittest: Season 1: Episode 6

Series: Staying Wild

Episode 6 - Survival of the Fittest

Staying Wild - Building Confidence: Season 1: Episode 5

Series: Staying Wild

Episode 5 - Building Confidence

Staying Wild - Emotional Rescue: Season 1: Episode 4

Series: Staying Wild

Episode 4 - Emotional Rescue

Staying Wild - Pulling Their Weight: Season 1: Episode 3

Series: Staying Wild

Episode 3 - Pulling Their Weight

Staying Wild - Avian Influenza: Season 1: Episode 2

Series: Staying Wild

Episode 2 - Avian Influenza

Staying Wild - Baby Boom: Season 1: Episode 1

Series: Staying Wild

Episode 1 - Baby Boom

Teen Photographer Portrays Homeless

This 10-minute online video is of a teen photographer, Leah Denbok, that creates black-and-white images of the homeless of North America. The video features footage of the artist in the street talking to her subjects while explaining her style, inspired by artist Lee Jeffries.


Follow the Rock

This video shows how First Nations from across British Columbia have gathered over the past 50 years to take part in the All Native Basketball Tournament. The tournament opens with a four-hour ceremony, where each team proudly dances into the gym to the sound of traditional drumming and song. Mor...


How Changing Language Could Help in the Fight Against Opioids

This video clip from the CBC’s The National reports on an alternate way of looking at addiction as a disease, rather than a choice. It encourages the viewer to consider the language used when referring to substance abuse disorders and how language can either help or hinder users from getting the ...

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