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Level 20 Psychology

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Voices of Courage

This 2010 CTV Remembrance Day special features four veterans who share their personal experiences of war, carnage and courage, and the toll it has taken on their lives as survivors. The video features Pat Stogran, Canada's Veterans' Ombudsman, who shares his stories of serving in Bosnia and Afgha...

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Four Feet Up

This program follows the lives of 8-year-old Isaiah and his family for one year. His parents struggle to overcome addictions, abuse and dysfunction in the home as they seek to provide the basic necessities and opportunities for Isaiah and his siblings. Isaiah knows he is less fortunate, but does ...

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Shredded is about a group of teenage boys who want to transform their bodies so they become 'shredded' like the muscular bodies of their media heroes. The film reveals the risks they're willing to take to achieve the ideal male shape, exploring supplement use and the temptations of steroids. With...

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Autism. Living with Difference

Autism is a complex biomedical condition that is not yet completely understood. It can cause people to have trouble communicating or engage in repetitive behaviour. The traditional approach has been to try to treat it or cure it, but now some are questioning that emphasis.

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Lorne Duquette

Lorne Duquette from the Mistawasis First Nation turned from a life of drugs and alcohol when he embraced his Cree heritage. Lorne has become an accomplished ceremonial Grass dancer in powwows across the country. He has also gone back to school and plans to attend university.

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Michelle Hugli

While Michelle was raised by a white family, she has always known of her Aboriginal roots. After she experienced a sweat lodge ceremony she began to explore her Aboriginal roots. She became a traditional dancer and was preparing to dance for the first time at a powwow in the Qu'Appelle Valley.

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Fred Amaya

Fred and his family, immigrants and refugees from El Salvador, discuss their view of becoming and being Canadian. Fred offers insights into the struggles they left behind, their adoption of a new culture, and what it means to them. Fred tells his story as an adult recalling the events from the pa...

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Julie and Nichole

Julie works with Gay and Lesbian Health Services in Saskatoon and her girlfriend Nichole is a member of the activist group, Radical Cheerleaders, and host of Rainbow Radio. They have just moved in together and are anxious about the impending visit from Julie's parents.