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Level 20 Environmental Science

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This video examines the North American grasslands as a natural habitat. It explores the plant and animal species in this ecosystem and considers the livelihood of the area from the perspectives of conservationists, First Nations and ranchers. A good portion of this video was filmed in Saskatchewan.

Innovation Nation Episode 3. Bio Fuel

Will we be able to grow all of our fuel in the future? Along with exploring bold new ways of harvesting energy from bio-mass, Innovation Nation uncovers an amazing bio-fuel jet truck, a record breaking flying machine and a unique car made almost entirely of organic matter.

Innovation Nation Episode 2. Wind Power

Can the wind provide us with all of our power? Along with cutting-edge wind farms and new turbine designs, Innovation Nation meets inventor Doug Selsam as he builds the world's first flying turbine.

Innovation Nation Episode 1. CO2

Can we stop, or even reverse global warming? Innovation Nation follows the work of a Nobel Prize-winning scientist on the Canadian prairies, an innovator in New York who has designed a unique synthetic tree, and a mega-project in Europe where CO2, instead of being sent skyward, is stored far out ...


Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie

This documentary explores the life and work of Canadian scientist, educator, broadcaster and activist Dr. David Suzuki. Due to the length of the film, educators are advised to select individual portions of the video that best support student learning. Sections of the film highlight some of the ke...

Dirt! The Movie

Dirt! shares stories from experts all over the world who are studying this resource and discovering new ways to repair our relationship with the soil. The content provides supplemental support for the Integrative Nature of Environmental Science and the Terrestrial Ecosystems outcomes for Environm...

White Water, Black Gold

This program explores the environmental impact of the Western Canadian oil industry, from the mountain icefields that supply the industry's water to the tailing ponds of the Tar Sands that store its refuse. The content provides supplemental support for the Integrative Nature of Environmental Scie...

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