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Grade 1 Social Studies

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Families of Afghanistan

Each film in the Families of the World series compares and contrasts the daily lives of two children: one child growing up in the city to another of a child living in the country. In Families of Afghanistan, viewers meet Zamora and Madina and learn about their culture, ways of life, communities, ...

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A Mother's Earth

Series: Wapos Bay
This award-winning series, produced in Cree, English and French, uses stop-motion animation to portray life in a fictional northern Saskatchewan community. It focuses on issues and events in the lives of children and their supportive families in this traditional Cree community. The adults guide t...

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Families of Kenya

Each film in the Families of the World series compares and contrasts the daily lives of two children: one child growing up in the city to another of a child living in the country. In Families of Kenya, viewers meet Prince and John and learn about their culture, ways of life, communities, schools ...

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A Sick Day for Amos McGee

Amos McGee, an elderly zookeeper, adheres to a daily routine that involves eating porridge for breakfast, catching the 6 a.m. bus for work and always making time to visit his animal friends. When Amos fails to arrive at the zoo one morning, the animals are concerned and travel to his home. They d...

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That's a Family!

This video examines various types of families from a child's point of view. The program takes a tour through a broad range of family structures, and in the process, students learn that love and respect are more important than the background of family members.

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Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms

Fletcher loves everything about springtime. As Fletcher celebrates spring in the orchard, he sees "snow" on the ground. He tells the birds to fly back south and the rest of the animals that spring has not yet arrived. In the orchard, the bunnies see the "snow" and let all the animals in on the se...

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Those Shoes. Sharing My Story. A Conversation with Maribeth Boelts

This short video is an interview with author, Maribeth Boelts, who talks about her book, "Those Shoes."

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Those Shoes

Jeremy yearns for a pair of the black high-top sneakers all the kids are wearing, but his grandmother can't afford them so he makes do with a pair from the box of cast-offs in the school guidance office. To his amazement and delight, Jeremy finds a too-small pair of the prized shoes on a visit to...

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Fletcher and the Falling Leaves. An Interview with Julia Rawlinson

This short video features an interview with Julia Rawlinson, the author of the children's book Fletcher and the Falling Leaves.

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Building a Community

Unlike pioneer families who cut down trees to build their homes and other buildings (sometimes with the help of nearby neighbours), today it takes many skilled workers to build a community. From heavy equipment operators to bricklayers and masons, skilled workers are needed to install electrical ...

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What is a Community?

People, buildings and land - all combine to form a community. The first communities, groups of people living in the same area, were started by early pioneer families. Although pioneer communities looked very different from communities today, modern communities also look different from each other....

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Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Fletcher the fox has a favourite tree, which is loosing its leaves now that fall has arrived. He worries about his tree and thinks there is something wrong with it. Winter arrives and a new surprise awaits Fletcher as the tree undergoes another transformation. This is a video version of the story...

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Important People in My Community

This video begins with a pictorial review of some typical Canadian communities and then two young hosts take viewers on a field trip to visit various people they would find working in a community. Among those visited are a farmer, a dentist, a fireman, a police officer, a doctor, a Canada Post wo...