Grade 1 Social Studies

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Louis Says. Season 2, Episode 5. Mr. Charles Builds a House/Poor Porcupine

Series: Louis Says
Episode 1A: Mr. Charles Builds A House - Randy and Katie search for the perfect location for an atim (dog) house. Randy mistakenly thinks Mr. Charles wants a club house and thinks a tree might be the perfect location. Eventually, he realizes what atim means and they go about learning how to be am...

Louis Says. Season 2, Episode 4. Quiet Cheer/Scrambled Words

Series: Louis Says
Episode 1A: Quiet Cheer - Mrs. Charles is writing a book and Louis tells Randy to make sure she has kipihtowêwin (silence). Louis thinks she needs support and encouragement so goes about cheering and making noise (pihtâkosiwinw). Episode 1B: Scrambled Words - Randy and his neighbours gather toge...

Sticks and Stones

Children in families who follow nontraditional gender roles are often the target of put-downs by their peers. In this documentary, young Canadian children, ages 5 to 12, discuss the problems they face and make it very clear that educators, parents, and other children need to act positively to mak...

A Mother's Earth

Series: Wapos Bay
This award-winning series, produced in Cree, English and French, uses stop-motion animation to portray life in a fictional northern Saskatchewan community. It focuses on issues and events in the lives of children and their supportive families in this traditional Cree community. The adults guide t...

Those Shoes. Sharing My Story. A Conversation with Maribeth Boelts

This short video is an interview with author, Maribeth Boelts, who talks about her book, "Those Shoes."

Those Shoes

Jeremy yearns for a pair of the black high-top sneakers all the kids are wearing, but his grandmother can't afford them so he makes do with a pair from the box of cast-offs in the school guidance office. To his amazement and delight, Jeremy finds a too-small pair of the prized shoes on a visit to...

Important People in My Community

This video begins with a pictorial review of some typical Canadian communities and then two young hosts take viewers on a field trip to visit various people they would find working in a community. Among those visited are a farmer, a dentist, a fireman, a police officer, a doctor, a Canada Post wo...

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