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Workplace Housekeeping

Series: Safetycare
It is fundamental to maintain a clean, tidy and safe working environment. Workplace housekeeping will reduce the number accidents and injuries, reduce the risk of fire, improve work efficiencies, reduce fatigue, improve overall morale and improve the general look and feel of the work environment....

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Understanding Hazards and Risks

Series: Safetycare
The potential for the inhalation of hazardous substances is a serious issue that must be continually addressed. This programs covers: what constitutes a hazardous atmosphere; general information about air-purifying and supplied air respirators; different types of air-purifying respirators and fil...

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Understanding Safety Awareness

Series: Safetycare
Safety awareness is the starting point to accident prevention. This video examines what an accident is and how they occur; who is responsible for safety and the practice of safety policies in the workplace including procedures, lifting and carrying techniques, good housekeeping practices and prop...

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Safe and Effective Grinding

Series: Safetycare
This video shows how to operate an off-hand grinding machine safely and efficiently. It explains the types of grinding machines, components which make up a grinding machine, types of abrasive wheels, abrasive wheel identification, inspecting an abrasive wheel, fitting a new wheel, personal safety...

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Recognition, Evaluation, and Control of Hazards (REACH)

Series: Safetycare
This program explains the concept of the Recognition, Evaluation and Control of Hazards, or REACH. The program includes: a definition of REACH; why REACH is a vital principle of the workplace safety; how to recognize, evaluate and effectively control hazards in the workplace; the different method...

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Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Safety

Series: Safetycare
This video shows operators how to use oxy-acetylene equipment safely and correctly and includes: an explanation of how the oxy-acetylene process works, workshop and equipment safety, an explanation of all the components that make up the welding unit, flame types and their cuttings, backfire and f...

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Oxy-Acetylene Cutting and Safety

Series: Safetycare
With the addition of a cutting torch, the oxy-acetylene welding unit becomes an efficient tool for the cutting of metals. This program shows the correct and safe use of oxy-acetylene cutting equipment, and includes: equipment and workshop safety; gas and gas cylinders, their types and flow rates;...

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MIG Welding

Series: Safetycare
Because of its versatility and the ability to weld in a variety of positions, MIG welding has become the most popular welding process used in industry. This program looks at all aspects of MIG Welding and includes: the MIG welding process and how it works; the equipment; workshop, personal and eq...

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Miscellaneous Repairs

This episode demonstrates how to carry out minor repairs to the vehicle body and systems, including lights, wipers, windows, seatbelts and shoulder harnesses, air bags, and interior door and door glass components and hardware.

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Surface Preparation and Refinishing

This episode demonstrates the entire process of preparing, sanding, priming, sealing, topcoating, clearcoating, quality-checking and final detailing - the finishing touch to an auto body repair job.

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Braking System Repair

This episode describes how to bleed, flush and pressure-test a brake hydraulic system; remove and reinstall a caliper assembly; and check parking brake system operation.

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Electrical Repairs

This episode examines common automotive electrical problems. It shows how to use a DVOM to check continuity, voltage, resistance and amperage; inspect, test and replace fusible links, circuit breakers and fuses; and work on batteries and alternators. It is most important to have a good understand...

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Plastics and Adhesives

This episode demonstrates how to safely prepare, fix and refinish holes in fiberglass and plastics with thermoplastic and thermoset plastic. Repairing plastic parts with urethane and epoxy adhesives is also illustrated.

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Structural Analysis and Damage Repair

This episode gives an overview of how to analyze the extent of major automobile damage. Is the job repair, replace or total? Repair techniques for those vehicles worth restoring are described. Air chisels, spot weld cutters, drills and saws are demonstrated.

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Body Alignment

This twelve-part series offers a complete course on how to make damaged vehicles look new again. It can be used to introduce, reinforce, and review essential body shop practices, procedures, tools and techniques. Safety is stressed. Each video begins with a demonstration of the proper tools and p...