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Grade 1 Science

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Spring Safety. Anaphylactic Safety

The short video explains what anaphylactic shock is and how to help someone in distress.

Spring Safety. 9-1-1 Safety

This short video explains how and when to call 911, including when calling is not warranted.

Hi! Fly Guy. Tedd Arnold Talks About Fly Guy

Tedd Arnold talks about his career as an artist and his inspiration for the character of Fly Guy.

Winter Safety

This program makes the point that winter can be fun if you follow some simple safety rules. The video host talks about the importance of: dressing properly, wearing proper protective equipment for outdoor sports, ice safety and playing away from roads and snowbanks.

Fall Safety

Fall brings about thoughts of "back to school", Halloween, changing colors, and harvesting in rural areas. Out host Maggie examines school bus safety, schoolyard safety, trick-or-treating safety, and farm safety.

Summer Safety

Ahhh summer! Sun, sand, water, but we must be careful as well. Our host Maggie talks about water and pool safety, boat safety, bicycle safety, sun protection, as well as the importance of hydration and what to do with bites, stings and poison ivy.

Spring Safety

Spring is a time of melting ice, changing weather and spring cleaning. Viewers join our host Maggie as she discusses staying off lakes and ponds, storm and general weather safety, playground safety and spring cleaning safety.

Hi! Fly Guy

When Buzz enters Fly Guy in The Amazing Pet Show, the judges aren't impressed. Flies are pests and can't be pets, but Fly Guy is determined to amaze everyone with his tricks. After all, how many pets can say their master's name and know their own jar? Fly Guy wins the Smartest Pet Award, and a be...

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Needs of Living Things. Slides

This video is a collection of 20 slides that support the video, "Needs of Living Things."

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Needs of Living Things

This video examines the needs of all living things. The program opens with the basic characteristics common to living things. Needs of living things such as living space, food, water, air and proper temperature are introduced. A teacher's guide is available.

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The Four Seasons. Quiz

In this short video, questions and answers are presented in a slide format. It accompanies the video, "The Four Seasons: Daily and Seasonal Changes" (N652).

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The Four Seasons. Seasonal Safety Tips

In this short video, Sammy the Squirrel teaches about safety tips for each of the four seasons. It accompanies the video, "The Four Seasons: Daily and Seasonal Changes" (N652).

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The Four Seasons. Daily and Seasonal Changes

This video introduces the seasons to children. Mother Earth presents each season using live-action and animated sequences. In addition to the seasons, children will observe daily changes and how the changes affect plants, animals and human life. The seasons played a role in First Nations societie...

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The Curious Garden. An Interview with Peter Brown

This short video is an interview with the writer and illustrator, Peter Brown, who talks about his book called "The Curious Garden."

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The Curious Garden

In this animated video, Liam lives in a city that is dark and grey. While exploring one day, Liam discovers a stairwell that leads to old railroad tracks. Among the tracks is a patch of dying wildflowers. Liam decides to take care of the garden. He learns to water and prune the plants. As the gar...