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Animation Sample - "Field Trip" and Interview with Animator, Daniel Smits

This is a short sample of animation by Daniel Smits, called "Field Trip." It accompanies the instructional video called Animation in Multimedia (N628).

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Pow Wow

This intimate look at the Big River Cree powwow in northern Saskatchewan features behind-the-scenes visits with performers and Elders, as well as mesmerizing footage of many different types of dances, drumming and singing. Alvin Manitopyes explains the powwow's evolution from the age of the buffa...

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Clothing Care: Laundry Basics

This video presents the basics of laundry care including sorting, washing and drying clothes. It discusses techniques for stain removal, which laundry additives are useful and how to interpret care labels. It shows how to use bleach properly and how to iron and store clean clothing. Very useful i...

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Spirit Catcher. Bert Crowfoot

Photographer and entrepreneur Bert Crowfoot discusses his work with the media, including radio and the newspaper Windspeaker, now in its 25th year of publication. Crowfoot also explains the importance of spirituality in his life and radiates the positive attitude which helps him turn stumbling bl...

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The Day Pictures Were Born. Episode 2

This series takes viewers on a journey through time and five continents to the heart of creativity. It fuses social history, politics, science, nature, archaeology and religion to find out why the world around us looks like it does via some of the most amazing man-made creations in the world. The...

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Innovation Nation Episode 4. Communications

How will we communicate in the world of tomorrow? As we become digitally more connected, at ever increasing speeds, new technologies seek to transform the way we interact with one another and our environment. Innovation Nation looks at augmented reality, robotic telepresence, and technologies tha...

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Animation in Multimedia

The video takes students through the elements of creating a successful animation. Beginning with the various methods of creating an animation, the program then explores the stages and aspects of animations, including character development, backgrounds, adding sound and voice and the use of wire f...

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Inside the Outside. The Art of Paul Sisetski

Sisetski, a prolific and compelling painter, takes us on a journey through small town life - an environment critical to his development as an artist.

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Ross Powless. Lacrosse

Born in 1926, Ross Powless became a "warrior" of lacrosse by bringing excitement and interest back to the sport at a time when it was declining. Able to trace the birth of lacrosse back to his ancestors from Six Nations, Ross was encouraged to play fair and enjoy the game. He built his talent on ...

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Traditional Teachings Part 1. Chapter Three

Elder Thelma Musqua from the Keeseekoose Saulteaux First Nation shares stories and wisdom.

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Radiation and You

Students will learn facts and theories about radiation today, both the benefits and the risks. The keys to scientific literacy include: alpha rays, Becquerel, beta rays, cancer, Chernobyl, cosmic rays, Curie, DNA, electromagnetic spectrum, Faraday, fission, fusion, gamma rays, infrared, ions, ion...

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Traditional Teachings Part 2. Chapter Nine

Elder Velma Goodfeather from the Standing Buffalo Dakota First Nation shares stories and wisdom.

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Aboriginal Culture: Engaging the World

Series: Venturing Forth
This video features three Aboriginal entrepreneurs who export their products globally. In doing so, they are educating the world about their people. These entrepreneurs turned their own skills and passions into thriving businesses that showcase Aboriginal culture to the world.

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Emma Lake with Degen Lindner

For more than seventy years University of Saskatchewan's Emma Lake Campus has been a meeting place for artists and thinkers from around the world. Saskatoon painter Degen Lindner invites us to her art studio at Emma Lake where she discusses how her father and nature inspire her artwork. Lindner w...

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Chief Roger Adolph. Boxing

Roger Adolph got into a fight playing basketball at the Kamloops Indian Residential School. He won the Golden Gloves in 1964, 1965, and 1966, in Tacoma, Portland, and Seattle, then turned pro. After two and a half years in England, Roger ended his professional boxing career and returned home. Chi...