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Plagiarism. What Do You Value?

Little positive learning is achieved when students fall into the plagiarism trap. In this program, plagiarism is defined in all its modern and common forms. Opportunities are provided for students and educators to discuss why some people copy. Students will learn quoting and referencing skills th...


The Oil Sands and the PR War

The American government is considering whether to allow construction of a giant pipeline that would pump more Canadian oil into the United States. The oil comes from Alberta's oil sands, and many environmentalists say the pipeline should not be built. This video looks at both viewpoints.


Afghanistan. A Front Line Report

Canada's military mission in Afghanistan is scheduled to end in July 2011. Some Canadians want that mission to continue, while others wonder about its success. This video takes viewers on a six-day patrol with the soldiers of Delta Company and shows what kind of challenges and dangers they confront.


Residential Schools. Truth and Healing

For more than a hundred years many First Nations children were taken away from their families, and forced to attend residential schools. In 2008, the Canadian government apologizes for the suffering and the abuse many experienced. This video explores the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commi...


The Netiquette Edge

This program outlines technology etiquette including internet surfing, text messaging, emailing and instant messaging, using phones including cell phone photography and social networking. The program uses the STEPS acronym (Surf, Text, Email, Phone/Photo, Social networking) to teach the skills. I...


The Music Instinct. Additional Performances and Interviews

This video includes additional performances and interviews with Yo Yo Ma, Bobby McFerrin, Evelyn Glennie, Daniel Levitin, Brian Green, Oliver Sacks and others.


The Music Instinct. Science and Song

The Music Instinct. Science and Song provides a ground-breaking exploration into how and why the human organism - and the whole ebb and flow of the cosmos - is moved by the undeniable effect of music. This video follows visionary researchers and accomplished musicians to the crossroads of science...


Moments in Motion

This video presents the distinct worlds of seven Canadian choreographers through cinema-verité and dance for camera sequences. It focuses on the creative process, and the artists discuss their motivations, methodology, sources of inspiration, and messages they wish to convey. The choreographers f...


Inside a Recording Studio

When it comes to creating music, one of the most important and intriguing aspects of the whole process takes place inside the recording studio itself. This program is an essential resource for all students interested in pursuing music and sound recording as a future career. It covers a wide range...


Assessment That Drives Better Student Writing

In this program, Kelly works from the first drafts of his ninth-grade students' Romeo and Juliet essays to build a rubric. The rubric includes required elements for the whole group as well as individual components based on emerging student needs.


Writing with Purpose

In this program, Kelly teaches a class of seniors how understanding the purpose of any piece of writing helps both readers and writers. He models how a purpose chart can be used to generate 25 different writing topics from one person's life. Viewers will also see the elements in place in Kelly's ...


The Importance of Modeling

In this program, Kelly models how to find and develop a writing topic with his ninth-grade students. Students then complete a writing "blast" or "sneeze" and use this writing for a "question flood" with peers. On the second day, students use the STAR (Substitute, Take out, Add, Rearrange) revisio...


The Greening of Southie

In the traditionally Irish-American working-class neighbourhood of South Boston, MA, a new kind of building has taken shape. From wheat board cabinetry to recycled steel, bamboo flooring to dual-flush toilets, the McAllen building is something different: a leader in the emerging field of environm...


Preston Singletary

Seattle artist, Preston Singletary, has been referred to as "bridge artist" between the artistic traditions of the Northwest Coast and glassmakers. He discusses his Tlingit/Filipino heritage, his love of music and shows several of his works in progress.


Michael Massie

Michael Massie, an Inuit artist from Newfoundland, discusses his lifelong journey through the world of art. Michael is famous for his silver teapots and he also carves stone and wood.