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Louis Says. Season 4, Episode 8. Giant Painting/ Going Around the Bushes

Series: Louis Says
Episode 8A: Giant Painting - Randy is in search for a painting.

Episode 8B: Going Around the Bushes - Randy looks for a lost sweater.

Louis Says. Season 4, Episode 7. Gourmet Cat/ Some Kind of Lake Monster

Series: Louis Says
Episode 7A: Gourmet Cat - Randy makes a special treat for a cat.

Episode 7B: Some Kind of Lake Monster - Randy wants to spot a lake monster.

Louis Says. Season 4, Episode 6. Competing Ideas/ Don't Rain on Mrs. Charles Parade

Series: Louis Says
Episode 6A: Competing Ideas - Randy must organize a competition.

Episode 6B: Don't Rain on Mrs. Charles Parade - Randy turns a truck into a parade float.

Louis Says. Season 4, Episode 5. Pizza Mania/ Mrs. Charles' Treasure

Series: Louis Says
Episode 5A: Pizza Mania - Randy and Katie make pizzas.

Episode 5B: Randy wants to bury a treasure.

Louis Says. Season 4, Episode 3. Fun with Flags/ How to Train Your Osky

Series: Louis Says
Episode 3A: Fun with Flags - Randy and Katie pin flags.

Episode 3B: How to Train Your Osky - Randy trains Osky to pull a sled.

Louis Says. Season 4, Episode 4. Magnifying Trouble/ Squirrel Food

Series: Louis Says
Episode 4A: Magnifying Trouble - Randy wants to borrow a magnifying glass.

Episode 4B: Squirrel Food - Randy tries to gather food for squirrels.

Louis Says. Season 4, Episode 2. I Got You Covered/ Pets Rock

Series: Louis Says
Episode 2A: I Got You Covered - Randy and Katie make caramel apples.

Episode 2B: Pets ROck - Randy finds an unusual pet.

Louis Says. Season 4, Episode 1. Garlic Bulbs Go Off/ More Feathers

Series: Louis Says
Episode 1A: Garlic Bulbs Go Off - Randy must deliver a lot of garlic.

Episode 1B: More Feathers - Randy and Katie gather feathers.

3 Cool Facts About Teepees with Cottonball

In this short video, Cottonball visits FortWhyte Alive in Winnipeg and learns 3 interesting facts about teepees from her new friend, Sara.

Jump-up. Caribbean Carnival in Canada!

Series: African Rhythms
In this animated film, Sophie learns about some of the culture and traditions of her new neighbour, Lisa, who recently arrived in Canada from the West Indies. This video contains an example of a story within a story as Lisa relates a legend from her culture while preparing to celebrate the Jump-u...

The Cora Player

Series: African Rhythms
This program provides an example of visual storytelling where viewers construct meaning through images, rather than relying on dialogue. The story is of a young couple in love. Difficulties in their relationship arise due to differences in social class and acceptance within each other's family. M...

Sticks and Stones

Children in families who follow nontraditional gender roles are often the target of put-downs by their peers. In this documentary, young Canadian children, ages 5 to 12, discuss the problems they face and make it very clear that educators, parents, and other children need to act positively to mak...

100th Anniversary of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building

This video outlines Saskatchewan's political history and how the legislature came to be built in Regina. Historical photographs, documents and interviews with politicians and historians enrich this documentary and shed light on what the legislative building represents in Saskatchewan's history an...

Lights, Camera, Action

In this episode, film star Adam Beach mentors T-Bear and Talon as they make videos celebrating Treaty Days in Wapos Bay. Raven feels left out with everyone so busy preparing for the celebrations, but her Kohkum helps her to understand that she needs to think of the needs of the community and to t...

A Mother's Earth

Series: Wapos Bay
This award-winning series, produced in Cree, English and French, uses stop-motion animation to portray life in a fictional northern Saskatchewan community. It focuses on issues and events in the lives of children and their supportive families in this traditional Cree community. The adults guide t...

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