Grade 7 Social Studies

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Supporting the Troops. Episode 6

The video investigates the importance of supporting the fighting forces through the merchant marine that transported many resources required to fight the enemy in the Second World War.

Prisoners of War. Episode 4

In the video, Henry Beaudry recounts his experience as a veteran First Nations soldier and describes the role played by Canada's First Nations men during the Second World War by joining the military without the support of their home communities.

Aboriginal War Experiences. Episode 5

In the video, Philip Favel describes his experience as an imprisoned soldier and illustrates the bravery and contributions of First Nations soldiers in the Second World War.

The Dark Side of Chocolate

This video investigates how human trafficking, child labour and slavery fuel the chocolate industry. Southern Mali and cocoa plantations in Cote d'Ivoire are featured. Hidden cameras capture traffickers selling children to plantations for labour. In 2001, major chocolate manufacturers signed a si...

Vy's Vietnam

Van An Vy lives in Hoi An, Vietnam. In this video, Vy takes the viewer on a tour of his neighbourhood and community. During the tour, viewers are introduced to the customs and traditions of the Vietnamese people.

Yunjie's Story. China

This episode features Yunjie, a boy who is a native of China's Yunnan province. He explains the courting and marriage rituals of the Yi and Wa tribes and learn about communicating through objects as they do not have a written language.

Sangeeta's Story. India

This episode features Sangeeta, a young girl living in India's largest slum area, Dharavi. She introduces you to the people in her neighbourhood who make huge water jars, embroider saris and produce leather handbags.

Sanjay's Story. India

This episode features Sanjay, a young boy living along the Yamuna River in Northern India. He talks about how poverty has forced people to forage for coins on the river bed of one of the world's most polluted rivers.

Ruth's Story. Philippines

This episode features Ruth, a girl from the Manila, Philippines. She introduces the locals' favourite soya bean curd snack and take a ride in one of the many jeepneys (Philippine taxi).

Robin's Story. Indonesia

This episode features Robin, a young boy who begs for money on the streets of Jakarta, Indonesia. He and his friends live in makeshift houses along the sidewalks, work the streets and talk about their hopes and dreams for a better future.

Rani's Story. India

This episode features Rani, a little girl from Rajasthan in India. She traverses a tightrope and explains how the women in her village walk hours and hours everyday just to fetch water from a faraway well.

La Mu's Story. China

This episode features La Mu, a girl from Yunnan province in China. She shares what it's like to be part of the Mosuo tribe - one of the few remaining matriarchal societies in the world.

Jessica's Story. Philippines

This episode features Jessica, a talented girl from the Philippines. She sings to earn a little money along the train tracks and dreams of getting a shot at stardom by joining amateur singing contests.

Faozan's Story. Indonesia

This episode features Faozan, a boy who grew up in the rice fields of Java, Indonesia. A mud volcano has wiped out towns similar to his and has destroyed houses and schools in the area.

Edi's Story. Indonesia

This episode features Edi, a young boy living in a small village in Indonesia. He and his his pet monkey entertain commuters on the train for meager earnings to feed himself.

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