Grade 5 Health Education

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Raven Power

Raven identifies, through several scenarios, that the men and boys in the community take the women and girls for granted and show lack of respect for them. The women go on a week-long retreat, and only Jacob seems able to make coffee, cook meals and keep things running. Raven and Chief Big Sky ne...

The Science of Nutrition: Video Clips Collection with Leslie Beck

This collection of short video clips explores the science of nutrition and provides facts to promote healthier decision-making. Hosted by Leslie Beck, the clips offers students information on important nutrition topics. Teachers will find these segments useful for planning instruction related to ...

We're Growing Up!

We're Growing Up! is a co-educational program designed for both boys and girls. The narrators talk comfortably and matter-of-factly about human growth. They cover growth patterns (starting with a baby's rapid growth in the womb) and move quickly through childhood to adolescence. A review of male ...

Self-Esteem Basics

Series: Character
Through interviews with a psychologist and a basketball player, a young host helps viewers to understand the difference between self-concept and self-esteem and how to improve self-esteem. A teacher's guide is available.

AIDS. Facts for Kids

This straightforward program focuses on what HIV and AIDS are, how HIV is transmitted, how it affects the immune system and how to prevent it. It advises students to not have sex or use illegal drugs or participate in any activity that involves mixing blood or touching another person's blood. The...

Brain Gains: Better Grades Through Fitness

Series: The National
The National visits an inner city high school in Saskatoon, SK, where teacher Allison Cameron tests the theory that vigorous daily exercise improves academic performance. City Park Collegiate is considered a high school of last resort for kids who haven't been able to make it anywhere else. The G...

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