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Level 30 Entrepreneurship

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The Olympics and First Nations

Series: Venturing Forth
This video explores the opportunities for Aboriginal people in the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Aboriginal people participated in hosting the Games, showcased their culture and shared in the economic benefits of the games. Tourism, art and cultural presentations are just a few aspect...

Native Economic Development in Saskatchewan

Series: Venturing Forth
By the year 2050, Aboriginal people will make up approximately 50% of the population of Saskatchewan. They will represent a considerable force in the development of the province. This video illustrates how some Aboriginal ventures in Saskatchewan are setting the standard. Included are: an Aborigi...

Careers. Young Dreams to Solid Ground

Series: Venturing Forth
This documentary features five extraordinary youth who have turned their passion for the arts into exciting business ventures. A young woman from the projects rose above a past of poverty and sexual abuse to become a professional photographer. Members of a hip-hop group connect with Aboriginal yo...

Maintaining Success

Series: Venturing Forth
This video answers the question 'What is success?' by examining the success of three inspirational entrepreneurs. All of them speak to the need for hard work, determination, education, training, giving back to the community, understanding their culture, and loving what they do as keys to success.

Reserves: Open for Big Business

Series: Venturing Forth
Big business has arrived on some First Nation reserves. The video explains how changes to the Indian Act have allowed the development of a first-class tourist resort, casino, shopping centres, big box stores and business in general. Self-governance has paved the way. The video emphasizes the need...

Urbanization and First Nations

Series: Venturing Forth
This video deals with the challenges faced by First Nations people who pursue the urban lifestyle and dream. Individuals who have faced big city obstacles such as poverty and racism to pursue their aspirations while honouring their traditions are profiled. Middle class, urban, First Nations entre...

Aboriginal Culture: Engaging the World

Series: Venturing Forth
This video features three Aboriginal entrepreneurs who export their products globally. In doing so, they are educating the world about their people. These entrepreneurs turned their own skills and passions into thriving businesses that showcase Aboriginal culture to the world.

Metis Role Models: Culture Meets Business

Series: Venturing Forth
Two stories of Métis entrepreneurs and the communities they serve reveal the main ingredients for success: sheer determination, a love for one's people and most of all, heart. See how a "rough and tumble" wrestling show travels across the country with an important anti-drug and alcohol message an...

Aboriginal Women: Three Journeys of Hope

Series: Venturing Forth
Three personal stories of women who reached deep down to find the power to not only heal themselves, but to help other women heal, build self esteem and self sufficiency. Meet the three inspiring women: a shy woman from a small Ontario reserve who motivates other Aboriginal women to pursue career...

The Ahousaht Story: Healing the Past, Creating the Future

Series: Venturing Forth
The Ahousaht story clearly illustrates the relationship between failing economies and social problems in this Aboriginal community in British Columbia. With the loss of their commercial fishery, the Ahousaht's primary commerce and traditional way of life collapsed into chaos and hopelessness. The...

Employment and Community Development in First Nations

Series: Venturing Forth
The Dene Suline of the Cold Lake First Nations in Northern Alberta turned poverty to prosperity, and an unemployment rate from over eighty percent to less than twenty percent in just a few short years. This program shows how they achieved the change through creative new partnerships with companie...

Employment and Training: The Osoyoos Indian Band

Series: Venturing Forth
This video highlights success stories of Aboriginal businesses and entrepreneurs and focuses on the Osoyoos First Nation which is a front-runner in economic development. It discusses opportunities for First Nations populations, especially within the resource sector, and emphasizes the need for re...

He Has Seen the Wind

He Has Seen the Wind is a documentary featuring University of Saskatchewan graduate Dr. Darryl Jessie, the president and CEO of RAUM Energy. The video discusses how and why Jessie started his company manufacturing wind turbines in Saskatchewan. It touches on environmental concerns such as a need ...

Bending Light and Bending Minds

This video features the Canadian Light Source, Canada's only synchrotron, which is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It discusses the role of the synchrotron and its value to science and the world, giving specific examples of current research being done in a number of different areas, including...

One Red Paperclip: Venture's Dreamers and Schemers

Meet the one-red-paperclip guy, Kyle MacDonald, a 26-year-old ex-geography student with a crazy scheme. In the summer of 2005, Kyle announced to the world he was going to trade a red paperclip for a house - with just his blog as a bartering tool. In one short year, this stunt took him from unempl...