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Level 30 Biology

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Some New Tricks With DNA

The 1970s and 80s saw the invention of ingenious new ways to manipulate DNA, which remain the cornerstone of today's genetic revolution, including the Human Genome Project. We begin with a scientist/magician demonstrating six simple tricks with DNA. Using these as building blocks, the more comple...

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The Seeds of a Controversy

In spite of the scientific evidence in its favor and over a decade of uneventful experience in N. America, GM crops and foods continue to engender fear, particularly in Europe. This companion piece to The Seeds of a New Era provides a thorough discussion of the non-scientific factors behind these...

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Understanding The Book of Life

Reading the Book of Life was just the first step. The ultimate goal is to understand how it works. We are guided towards this new genetic horizon by Francis Collins and Craig Venter, the leaders of the two competing teams that first sequenced the human genome. The initial task is to separate out ...

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The DNA Obsession

Beginning with its discovery in a gothic German castle, we follow the scientific surprises as DNA beat out protein, the more logical candidate, as the stuff of the gene. Joshua Lederberg pays tribute to the work of Oswald Avery, the Canadian-born scientist who first proved it was DNA and the impa...

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The Gene Machine

We follow the steps by which the discovery of the double helix in 1953 quickly led to our understanding of how a gene produces a protein, using messenger RNA as the intermediary. The basics of transcription and translation are clearly explained using creative animation. Then in the 1960s came the...

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Microscopes and Mutants

The actions of chromosomes during mitosis, meiosis and fertilization, as discovered in 19th century Germany, are explained in this video. These microscopic findings, together with the rediscovery of Mendel's long-lost research in 1900, gave birth to the Chromosomal Theory of Heredity. Sex chromos...

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Reading the Book of Life

The human genome sequence was the finish line for another famous race in genetics, which led to a historic White House press conference. The leaders of this epic effort, including Francis Collins, Craig Venter, Eric Lander, John Sulston and Sydney Brenner, explain its origins, how it was done and...

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Peas in a Pod

This episode tells the story of genetics from ancient times to its true scientific beginnings in the 19th century. Humorous animation and other creative visuals illustrate the unsuccessful efforts of Aristotle, Darwin and others to solve the age-old puzzle of heredity. The focus then shifts to Gr...

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The Seeds of a New Era

This episode examines the science of genetically modified crops and foods. It begins by explaining, through creative animation, the actual process by which a foreign gene is introduced into a plant. It then examines the actual benefits and risks of the two types of genes currently added to GM cro...

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Series: Genetics
The Genetic Series presents an overview of the development and study of genetics and contains suggested teaching activities. This video introduces the idea of the inheritance of traits. Attention is given to some of the features which are heredity-based not only in humans, but also in other plant...

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Genetics in Our Lives

Series: Genetics
The Genetic Series presents an overview of the development and study of genetics and contains suggested teaching activities. Starting with the discovery of DNA, students will be exposed to advances such as the creation of recombinant DNA, vaccines, the human genome project and other advances in g...

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Genetics in Action

Series: Genetics
The Genetic Series presents an overview of the development and study of genetics and contains suggested teaching activities. This video builds on the genetic work of Mendel and takes the student through additional genetic discoveries made in the twentieth century, including the Law of Segregation...

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Fundamentals of Genetics

Series: Genetics
The Genetic Series presents an overview of the development and study of genetics and contains suggested teaching activities. In this video, Mendel's work is explored in detail by using probability to make predictions of the inheritance of specific traits. The use of the Punnett Square is illustra...

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Trying to Save the World's Amphibians

All over the world frogs and hundreds of other amphibians are rapidly disappearing. The situation is so serious that some scientists believe we are witnessing the biggest mass extinction since the dinosaurs.

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Living Forever: The Longevity Revolution

Scientists from around the world are racing to answer the question: Can we turn back the human clock? Gerontologist Michael Rose leads us through cutting-edge science in life extension: biotechnology, genetic research, therapeutic cloning and stem-cell research. Living Forever looks at what could...