News in Review: November 2009

Is the Recession Really Over?

It's been just over a year since Canada was hit by the effects of a global recession. More than 350,000 people lost their jobs. Now there are some faint signs of recovery, but is the recession really over?

Trying to Save the World's Amphibians

All over the world frogs and hundreds of other amphibians are rapidly disappearing. The situation is so serious that some scientists believe we are witnessing the biggest mass extinction since the dinosaurs.

Parliament and the Election Question

In late September, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff announced that his party would no longer support Stephen Harper's Conservative government. That meant that the minority government could be defeated, unless the NDP or the Bloc Quebecois supported it.

Keeping Up with the Swine Flu

Last Spring the swine or H1N1 flu first arrived in Canada. Thousands became ill, and by the end of the summer 78 people had died. Now a second wave of this pandemic flu bug is sweeping across the country.

Adoption. Looking for a Baby Abroad

Every year, for a number of reasons, many Canadians adopt children in foreign countries. International adoptions can provide them with the baby they always wanted, but they can also be expensive and frustrating.

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