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Great Activities for Physical Education. Grades K-2

In this unique program, physical education consultant Artie Kamiya presents several enjoyable physical education activities that promote student fitness and skill development. The video provides numerous developmentally appropriate activities for students in Grades K-2. Games and activities inclu...


Fitness Appraisals

This video contains demonstrations of 11 different fitness appraisals. Fitness appraisals can be used for assessment but should not be used for evaluation. They provide a snapshot of students' health-related fitness levels. Developing the class benchmarks collaboratively can help students develop...


Dynamic Warm Ups

This is a series of 10 demonstrations of warm-up activities for physical education classes. Each demonstration is approximately 10-20 seconds in length. Activities included are: 1. Carioca 2. Shuffle 3. Heels Up 4. Jogging With Circles 5. Knee Hug Lunge 6. Knee Drive 7. Rewind 8. Side Shuffle wi...


Circuit Training. Upper Body Exercises

This video demonstrates 21 different upper body exercises. Each demonstration is approximately 10-20 seconds in length. The exercises demonstrated are: 1. Push-Up 2. Fly** 3. Biceps Curl** 4. Triceps Dip 5. Triceps Extension** 6. Lat Pull Down** 7. Shoulder Press** 8. Decline Push-Up 9. ...


Circuit Training. Lower Body Exercises

This video demonstrates 24 different upper body exercises. Each demonstration is approximately 10-20 seconds in length. The exercises demonstrated are: 1. Squats** 2. Jump Squats 3. Hamstring Curl* 4. Medicine Ball Leg Lifts 5. Lunge - Using Band** 6. Lunge 7. Calf Raises 8. Skip Tw...


Circuit Training. Core Body Exercises

This video demonstrates 21 different upper body exercises. Each demonstration is approximately 10-20 seconds in length. The exercises demonstrated are: 1. Plank 2. Hipsters 3. V-Sit Tap 4. Jackknife* 5. Crunch 6. Superman 7. Side Plank 8. Russian Twist 9. Prone Ball Roll* 10. Leg Lift -...


Harry Jerome: The Fastest Man on Earth

Canadian athlete Harry Jerome overcame racism to reach the height of track-and-field success. When an injury ended his career, Jerome continued training and went on to achieve one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. This short film is a condensed version of the feature documentary Mighty...

XS Stress: Teens Take Control

Three youth tell their real-life struggles while navigating the choppy waters of adolescence. Various sources of stress are identified, including new responsibilities, schoolwork, relationships with family and friends, racism, name calling and extra-curricular activities. The film offers insight ...

Teen Nutrition. What's the Big Debate? (Canadian Rainbow Edition)

There's no debate that healthy eating is good for you, but too often teens who have choices don't make smart choices when it comes to food and activity. Two high school classmates prepare for a debate on healthy eating, a nutritionist gives advice and student interviews give a "real life" view of...

Flexibility for Sports Performance. Extras

This short video includes two video clips, called Sports Specific Flexibility Warm-Ups and Four Principles of Stretching.


Flexibility for Sports Performance

This video is based on the Stretch to Win system, made famous by Ann Frederick and Chris Frederick, who have worked with such elite athletes as the Philadelphia Eagles' Donovan McNabb, as well as numerous Olympians, and pro players in the NFL, MLB and NHL.


Sports Injury Prevention and Assessment

This video provides a comprehensive guide to the issue of sports injury: its prevention where possible and successful treatment when prevention fails. It covers the following areas: prevention of injury, including warm-ups, protective equipment, diet and appropriate training regimes, immediate as...



Shredded is about a group of teenage boys who want to transform their bodies so they become 'shredded' like the muscular bodies of their media heroes. The film reveals the risks they're willing to take to achieve the ideal male shape, exploring supplement use and the temptations of steroids. With...

Rene Bibaud's Complete Fundamentals of Rope Jumping

Long a staple in physical education programs, the jump rope is a proven, effective and inexpensive tool. Many physical education teachers, however, struggle with how to get the most from rope jumping. The video will assist educators in: teaching rope jumping through a structured and progressive p...


Fit Kids Classroom Workout 5. Getting Funky

This video can be used in any school space, anytime, any day to invigorate and motivate students. It gets students excited about being physically active and provides an ideal break from the day's routines. It can also be used as a warm-up to other physical activity. The video includes a 10-minute...

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