Fitness Appraisals

This video contains demonstrations of 11 different fitness appraisals. Fitness appraisals can be used for assessment but should not be used for evaluation. They provide a snapshot of students' health-related fitness levels. Developing the class benchmarks collaboratively can help students develop a sense of understanding of personal fitness. Appraisals happen throughout the year, allowing students to track progress and create goals for improvement. Properly designed or selected fitness appraisals will help students understand the importance of daily activity, encourage them to work towards goals and motivate them to attain goals. The following 12 demonstrations are approximately 15-25 seconds in length: 1. Vertical Jump 2. Seated Medicine Ball Throw 3. Push-Ups 4. Partial Curl-Ups 5. Squat Thrusts 6. 20 Meter Shuttle Run 7. Illinois Agility Run 8. Pro Agility 9. Sit and Reach 10.Shoulder Stretch 11.Trunk Lift