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Ruby the Copycat

Ruby wants to be just like her classmate Angela - beginning with wearing a red bow like the one in Angela's hair. All through the week Ruby does everything Angela does, even reciting an "original" poem just like Angela's. Ruby's teacher says, "You can be anything you want to be, but be Ruby first...


Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed. Behind the Music with Scotty Huff and Robert Reynolds

Music composers, Scotty Huff and Robert Reynolds, discuss what's involved in producing the music that accompanies the animated video, "Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed."


Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed

In this animated video, there are three things you need to know about mole rats: they are part rat, part mole and all naked, except Wilbur. Wilbur likes to wear clothes and he feels different depending on what clothes he is wearing. All the other mole rats in the colony are horrified by Wilbur. T...


Lost Adventures of Childhood

Remember the wild, unfettered play time of childhood past? Those days are all but lost. Lost Adventures of Childhood is a new original CTV documentary from filmmaker Scott Harper that explores how childhood on lockdown is stunting the way children learn and grow.


Great Activities for Physical Education. Grades K-2

In this unique program, physical education consultant Artie Kamiya presents several enjoyable physical education activities that promote student fitness and skill development. The video provides numerous developmentally appropriate activities for students in Grades K-2. Games and activities inclu...


The Four Seasons. Quiz

In this short video, questions and answers are presented in a slide format. It accompanies the video, "The Four Seasons: Daily and Seasonal Changes" (N652).


The Four Seasons. Seasonal Safety Tips

In this short video, Sammy the Squirrel teaches about safety tips for each of the four seasons. It accompanies the video, "The Four Seasons: Daily and Seasonal Changes" (N652).


The Four Seasons. Daily and Seasonal Changes

This video introduces the seasons to children. Mother Earth presents each season using live-action and animated sequences. In addition to the seasons, children will observe daily changes and how the changes affect plants, animals and human life. The seasons played a role in First Nations societie...


Last Day Blues

In "Last Day Blues," the children imagine how sad Mrs. Hartwell will be at end of the school year, until they peek through the door after school is over! Delightfully narrated by the author, this video is an adaptation of the picture book written by Julie Danneberg and illustrated by Judy Love.


Sharing My Story. A Conversation with Author Julie Danneberg

This short video is an interview with the writer, Julie Danneberg, who talks about her books called "First Day Jitters" and "Last Day Blues."


First Day Jitters

In First Day Jitters, Sarah Jane Hartwell (who is partially hidden in the illustrations) is apprehensive about her first day in a new school. Then we discover that she is the new teacher! This video is an adaptation of the picture book written by Julie Danneberg and illustrated by Judy Love.


Felix and the Worrier

A young guinea pig named Felix is visited at night by a character called the worrier. Felix and the worrier fret about having a birthday party, going to bed, being bullied by the big boys, and more. Felix's supportive mother assures Felix that he worries too much. This video is an adaptation of t...


Felix Feels Better

A young guinea pig named Felix becomes ill after eating too many chocolate blimpies. When Felix's supportive mother wants to consult a doctor about Felix's painful condition, Felix is afraid. To his delight, however, the visit with the doctor is not frightening at all. This video is an adaptation...


The Curious Garden. An Interview with Peter Brown

This short video is an interview with the writer and illustrator, Peter Brown, who talks about his book called "The Curious Garden."


The Curious Garden

In this animated video, Liam lives in a city that is dark and grey. While exploring one day, Liam discovers a stairwell that leads to old railroad tracks. Among the tracks is a patch of dying wildflowers. Liam decides to take care of the garden. He learns to water and prune the plants. As the gar...