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Focus on Coding and Literacy: Kindergarten to Grade 3

Participants will learn how skills related to decomposition, abstraction, pattern recognition and algorithmic reasoning skills for children lead to the development of computational thinking. This activity has students learn about binary coding through the building of a paper chain garland that re...


Focus on Coding and Numeracy: Kindergarten to Grade 3

In this broadcast students work on an unplugged activity aimed at developing their numeracy and computational thinking skills. Students use algorithmic thinking, decomposition and abstraction skills to create programs (given specific commands) that allow them to navigate through a variety of grid...


BrainDance. More Variations for Infants Through Seniors

More Variations is comprised of 20 chapters of BrainDance movements: 1. Introduction, 2. Benefits, 3. Integrating Concepts, 4. Seated on Floor, 5. Seated in Chairs, 6. Inclusive Class, 7. Seated/Standing with Partner, 8. Ballet Barre, 9. Patterns in Choreography, 10. Floor Variation, 11. Infants,...


Macoun Public School in Macoun, Saskatchewan

Preston Dumaine, a Kindergarten/Grade 1/Grade 2 teacher at Macoun School shares her ideas and strategies for making her multi-grade classroom developmentally appropriate for the various grade levels. Educators will gain an understanding of how Kindergarten can be embedded in a K/1/2 multi-grade c...


Tuning In. Episode 13

A relaxation expert arrives to help calm Louis' anxiety, but his easy-going style only makes things worse. This video focuses on tuning. Secondary emphasis in the video is placed on pitch, listening skills and performance anxiety. The ukulele, lute, banjo and pitch pipe are featured.


Tempo Trouble. Episode 2

In this episode, Billie refuses to slow down her speedy dancing, even though no one else can keep up with her! The video focuses primarily on tempo. Secondary emphasis is placed on rhythm and beat measure counting. Featured instruments include: violin, electric guitar and drums.


Super Sounds. Episode 7

Ella's cousin pushes the band to try out new sounds, but Ella prefers to stick with their current sound. Texture is the focus of this episode. Secondary emphasis is placed on timbre, tempo, dynamics, pitch and rhythm. The featured instruments include: synthesizer, guitar, double bass, trumpet and...


Solo on the Slide. Episode 3

Billie prepares a solo to play when her Dad visits, but will he pay attention to her long enough to hear it?


Phantom of the Jam. Episode 10

As the Jazzberries rehearse for the Masquerade Ball, they discover the House of Jam may be haunted! This episode focuses on expression. Secondary emphasis is placed on sound effects. The featured instruments are the handsaw and found sounds.


Move to the Beat. Episode 1

The band hurts Ella's feelings when they stage a marching show, forgetting that she has WHEELS! This episode focuses mainly on beat. Secondary emphasis is on singing in unison, tempo, texture and timbre.


Melody Makers. Episode 5

When their guest Xylophone's keys are lost around the building, the band races to find them before showtime. This episode focuses on melody. Secondary emphasis is on timbre, collaboration, pitch, notes and notation. The xylophone and the piano are the featured instruments.


Join in the Jam. Episode 12

When it looks like the band might break up, the Jazzberries think back on how they first came together. This video focuses on ensemble. Secondary emphasis is placed on duet, listening skills and teamwork. The featured instruments in this episode are keyboard, calliope, alpine horn and guitar.


Happy Birthday House. Episode 4

The show is at risk when Ella and Billie cannot agree on whether to play their new song loudly or softly! This episode focuses mainly on solo. Secondary emphasis is on timbre, dynamics, call and response.


Give It a Rest. Episode 8

Louis works while his bandmates rest and, as a result, is dangerously exhausted when showtime nears. This episode focuses on rest. Secondary emphasis is placed on texture, tempo, dynamics and notation. The featured instruments are the cymbals and the trumpet.


Forever Song. Episode 9

The band gets stuck playing a very 'catchy' tune, and tries to figure out how to rid themselves of it. This episode focuses on form. Secondary emphasis is on dynamics, repetition and tempo and verse. Featured instruments in this video are harmonica, voice and cymbals.

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