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Level 30 Physics

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Innovation Nation Episode 6. Artificial Intelligence

Can we trust the robots of the future? Innovation Nation explores the world of artificial intelligence, taking us into labs and workshops where innovators teach robots to perceive, think, and move just like human beings.


Innovation Nation Episode 5. Robotics

Will robots replace humans? Revolutionary new machines are being designed and built for the workplace of tomorrow. Along with visiting robotic labs around the world, Innovation Nation explores robot-human psychology and tests out an exo-skeleton, a robot that you can strap on and wear.


Innovation Nation Episode 4. Communications

How will we communicate in the world of tomorrow? As we become digitally more connected, at ever increasing speeds, new technologies seek to transform the way we interact with one another and our environment. Innovation Nation looks at augmented reality, robotic telepresence, and technologies tha...


Radiation and You

Students will learn facts and theories about radiation today, both the benefits and the risks. The keys to scientific literacy include: alpha rays, Becquerel, beta rays, cancer, Chernobyl, cosmic rays, Curie, DNA, electromagnetic spectrum, Faraday, fission, fusion, gamma rays, infrared, ions, ion...


How Radiation Was Discovered

The world is made of atoms and powered by radiation. This video will help students learn what radiation is, how it was discovered and what the risks and benefits for people are today. Students will learn how scientists like Newton, Young, Maxwell, Becquerel and Curie discovered facts about radiat...

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