Level 10 Photography

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Ted Grant. The Art of Observation Slideshow

This is a slideshow of the photographs of Ted Grant spanning many decades and set to background music.

Ted Grant on Leica Cameras

Ted Grant talks about the importance of having proper equipment to tell the stories of photojournalism, specifically a Leica camera.

Ted Grant. The Art of Observation

This video documents the life and career of Ted Grant, the "father of Canadian journalism." It features interviews with Grant, several of his former coworkers and others. It includes numerous examples of his work and he discusses his style and technique.

Making Photographs

Making Photographs explores all aspects of photography - its beginnings, its purposes and uses, its rules and its role in the media. This program is an excellent resource for students who are beginning to study photography or who want to develop greater depth in their understanding and practice. ...

Don't Risk Your Life

Series: Ready for Work
Don't Risk Your Life is a short educational drama that helps to educate young people about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Young people tell their personal experiences of being injured on the job. Family members share their stories of having lost a loved one. New workers and e...

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