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Who Are the Métis?

A board member from the Manitoba Métis Federation and the self-proclaimed Grand Chief of the Eastern Woodland Métis Nation of Nova Scotia highlight two perspectives on the complex issue of who is Métis.

Tougher Impaired Driving Laws Raise Concerns About Targeting

Since new impaired driving laws no longer require that law enforcement officers have reasonable grounds to request a breath sample, advocates for civil liberties are concerned about whether this change will lead to the targeting of drivers from visible minorities.

Does Canada Have a Jury Problem?

In the aftermath of Gerald Stanley's acquittal, friends and family of Colten Boushie raised concerns about how Canada's juries are selected and whether race plays a role in getting a fair trial.


Luis Moreno-Ocampo is the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC). He investigates and prosecutes some of the world's worst criminals for some of the world's worst crimes. Prosecutor follows the controversial Moreno-Ocampo through the court's first trials that will determine wh...

Bill C-30 and Internet Policy

The federal government has tables a bill that many believe could threaten the civil rights of Canadians and the freedom of the Internet. Bill C-30 would require Internet service providers to gather information on their clients and allow police to access that information without a warrant.

The Vancouver Hockey Riot

After the 2011 Stanley Cup final, hundreds of hockey fans riot in Vancouver streets and cause millions of dollars in damages. This video revisits the event, looks at the progress of the police investigation, how the community is dealing with the aftermath, and why some young people engage in viol...

The Horror and Fear of Honour Killing

A high-profile murder trial in Kingston, Ontario, draws attention to the phenomenon of so-called honour killing. It is a crime where cultural clashes can lead some families to murder their own relatives. This video examines this subject and look at how some Canadian women are living in fear.

Canada's Controversial Crime Bill

The Conservative majority government introduces a bill that would make major changes to the way justice is administered in this country. Bill C-10 would stiffen penalties for young offenders and force judges to apply minimum mandatory sentences. Students will learn why the bill is controversial a...

The Vancouver Riot. What Went Wrong?

A riot erupts in downtown Vancouver after the Canucks lose the last game of the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs. Hundreds of people go on a rampage, fight with each other, set fires and loot stores. This video examines the riot and what went wrong.

Taking the Violence Out of Hockey

In early March, National Hockey League managers meet to discuss how to cut down on violent behaviour that can seriously injure players. But violence in hockey is not just an NHL problem. It is a problem in smaller leagues all over Canada.

The Trials of the Toronto 18

In June 2006, police in Ontario arrest 18 young men and charge them with planning the biggest terrorist attack in Canadian history. Students will also examine what could have led these young Canadians to want to attack their own country.

Don't Risk Your Life

Series: Ready for Work
Don't Risk Your Life is a short educational drama that helps to educate young people about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Young people tell their personal experiences of being injured on the job. Family members share their stories of having lost a loved one. New workers and e...

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