News in Review: March 2010

Young Adults and Heart Disease

In late January a new report warns that Canada could be facing an epidemic of heart disease. It said because so many Canadians are not eating or exercising properly even young adults are now at risk.

The Trials of the Toronto 18

In June 2006, police in Ontario arrest 18 young men and charge them with planning the biggest terrorist attack in Canadian history. Students will also examine what could have led these young Canadians to want to attack their own country.

Diving for Clues to Canadian History

The fur trade played a large role in the early history of Canada. It opened up the country, created new communities and led to the further exploration of North America. Archaeologists have retrieved many artifacts from places like old trading posts.

A Deadly Earthquake Devastates Haiti

On January 12, a powerful earthquake strikes Haiti. More than 100,000 people are killed, and about a million others are left homeless. This story looks at Haiti's tragedy, and how Canada and other countries help the survivors.

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