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What Do You Do With a Tail Like This? An Interview with Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

This short video is an interview with the writers, Steve Jenkins and Robin Page, about their book, What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?

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Monarch and Milkweed. Sharing My Story. A Conversation with the Author Helen Frost

This short video is an interview with author, Helen Frost, who speaks about her book, "Monarch and Milkweed."

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Forming Bonds. Slides

This video is a collection of 21 slides that support the video, "Forming Bonds" (N648).

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The Changing Phases of Matter. Slides

This video is a collection of 21 slides that support the video, The Changing Phases of Matter (N633).

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Is There Life on Mars?

Series: Nova
This video examines Mars. NASA's two robot explorers, Spirit and Opportunity, first landed on Mars in January 2004. The rovers were expected to function for the initial 90-Martian-day (sol) primary mission. Since that time, the Rovers have lasted 16 times longer and traveled 20 times farther. The...

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Human Body Systems

In this video, human body systems are examined. Using computer and graphic animation, the structure and function of the lungs, the heart and the skeleton are explored. Photos of a sheep's organs and human skeleton help foster understanding of how the lungs exchange gas, how the heart pumps and ho...

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Investigating Mixtures, Solutions, Elements and Compounds. Slides

This video is a collection of 21 slides that support the video, "Investigating Mixtures, Solutions, Elements and Compounds" (N698).

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Fletcher and the Falling Leaves. An Interview with Julia Rawlinson

This short video features an interview with Julia Rawlinson, the author of the children's book Fletcher and the Falling Leaves.

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The Old Oak Tree

In this episode of The Secret World of Gardens, we explore the diverse world of oaks and the strange and symbiotic relationships these trees have with their citizens. Cicadas are just one of the creatures that are drawn like magnets to oak trees - moths, caterpillars, wasps, bees and other insect...

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Diary of a Fly. An Interview with Harry Bliss

This short video features an interview with Harry Bliss, the illustrator of the children's book "Diary of a Fly."

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Sap Suckering Hoppers

Hoppers are able to blast off with so much power that they have to withstand 400 G-forces a jump! Most people would be surprised to learn they exist let alone that thousands of them call their backyard home. Hoppers are masters of disguise and even when you are looking right at them they are some...

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Garden Mimics

In this episode of The Secret World of Gardens, we explore how you never really know what you are looking at in the garden. Walking sticks look like twigs devour the foliage in plain sight, spiders that are perfect chameleons blend in to kill and caterpillars that mimic poop. And it's not only yo...

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The Hunt

Series: Wapos Bay 2
In this episode from the Wapos Bay Series, the community is celebrating Kokum Mary's nomination for a lifetime Aboriginal Accomplishment Award. Mushom, Jacob, Talon, and T-Bear go moose hunting for the traditional honour feast. During the hunt, T-Bear encounters an older hunter named Gabriel, who...

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Ecology. Life at the Edge of the Sea

This video program documents life in ocean tide pools for organisms such as starfish, snails, sea cucumbers and rock octopus. Symbiotic relationships and the struggle for food in a hostile environment are major themes.

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The Science of Flight. Part 5

This video introduces students to the science of flight and aerodynamics. Students will learn about lift, gravity, thrust and drag -- the four forces that make it possible for an airplane to fly. Professor Peter Plankton and Professor Tess Tube examine Bernoulli's Principle, Newton's Third Law of...