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History on Trial. Louis Riel

History on Trial brings to life the trial of Louis Riel. The presentation focuses on Riel's life from the 1869 Red River uprising through to the North-west Rebellion in 1885. The case is presented by the prosecution and the defense. Each side presents its opening statements, evidence and closing...

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Martha of the North

The Canadian government devised a plan to relocate families to ensure Canadian sovereignty of the Arctic. The families were told game was plentiful, communities would be in one place and they could leave after two years. When Martha was five years old, her family was enticed to leave their Inuit ...

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This program examines what it means to be a First Nations person in the 21st century. Dene, Cree, Blackfoot and Métis communities explore how First Nations values are transferable to life today. Culture, language and storytelling are crucial to positive identity formation for people of all ages.

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Wahkohtowin. The Relationship Between Cree People and Natural Law

In this video, students will learn about the principles of Cree Natural Law. By following the teachings of Wahkohtowin, society will be healthier. Elders explain the differences between Canadian law and Cree Natural Law. Examples of how Cree Natural Law can be used in modern society are provided.

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Savage (Cree Version with English Subtitles)

In this video, the residential school experience is viewed from a mother's point of view and from a young girl. On the drive to the residential school, a young girl watches the countryside from the back seat of the car. Her mother, experiencing the loss, starts to sing a lullaby in Cree as she ti...

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Reservation Soldiers

Reservation Soldiers examines the relationship between the Canadian Forces and First Nations youth. The Canadian military program, Bold Eagle, offers Aboriginal youth adventure, discipline, and cash. It is no cakewalk for the ones who get into the six-week boot camp. This is the biggest challenge...

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The Emergency in Attawapiskat

The First Nations community of Attawapiskat declares a state of emergency. Many residents of the isolated Northern Ontario reserve are living in tents, trailers and temporary shelters, even as winter approaches. This video looks at the desperate state of that community and why it needs help.

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Revising the History of the Americas

Scientists have long assumed that humans arrived in the Americas by crossing a land corridor in the north about 13 000 years ago. There is evidence they may have arrived long before that, and by an entirely different route. This video looks at that evidence and what it could mean for the prehisto...

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Finding Our Way

This video examines the struggles of two First Nations in the Carrier territory in British Columbia. In The Contagion of Colonisation, viewers will learn the historical context behind the First Nations groups circumstances. High Noon in Burns Lake focuses on the Ts'il Kaz Koh First Nation (Burns ...

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The Experimental Eskimos

A social engineering experiment involving three Inuit boys takes place in the 1960s. The three boys are taken from their homes in the Arctic, placed with white families, and attend school in Ottawa. All three become successful in early adulthood. Peter Ittinuar becomes the first Inuk Member of Pa...

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Belly Up: Salmon in Peril

This video examines the salmon industry. The Heiltsuk and Nuxalk First Nations communities consider themselves "The Salmon People." Salmon provides sustenance, income and ceremonial use. This way of life is threatened by salmon farming and logging practices. Large international corporations set u...

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Blind Spot: What Happened to Canada's Aboriginal Fathers?

This video program explores the issue of First Nations children who grow up without their fathers - the "blind spot." Two central themes in the program can lead to classroom discussion. First, the decimation of the buffalo stripped males of their role as providers and protectors. Moving First Nat...

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Stolen Sisters

This video examines the plight of missing women in Canada. In 2004, Amnesty International charged Canada with human rights violations in its treament of Indigenous women who been murdered or have gone missing in violent circumstances in the past 20 years. Daleen Bosse Muskego and Amber Redman are...

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Today, the key to the self-determination and direction of the Inuit societies of Nunavik and Nunavut is in their own hands. Evie Mark, Tunu Napartuk, Lena and Qajaaq Ellsworth, the Inuit co-directors of this documentary film, take a clear and critical look at the major challenges facing their fut...

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Out in the Cold

Thomas is dumped on the outskirts of the city. There he meets two men, Soft as Snow and Cold as Ice. When Thomas suggests the two men should walk back to the city with him, Cold as Ice and Soft as Snow persuade him to stay the night. Cold as Ice wants Thomas to die and join them; Soft as Snow wan...