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Grade 9 Career Education

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Job Interview Secrets

This 17 minute game-show style program breaks down the challenging experience of the job interview into easily understood aspects. Topics include conducting a pre-interview research, forming a positive first impression and answering difficult questions. This program supports student inquiry and u...

Maintaining Success

Series: Venturing Forth
This video answers the question 'What is success?' by examining the success of three inspirational entrepreneurs. All of them speak to the need for hard work, determination, education, training, giving back to the community, understanding their culture, and loving what they do as keys to success.

Urbanization and First Nations

Series: Venturing Forth
This video deals with the challenges faced by First Nations people who pursue the urban lifestyle and dream. Individuals who have faced big city obstacles such as poverty and racism to pursue their aspirations while honouring their traditions are profiled. Middle class, urban, First Nations entre...

Metis Role Models: Culture Meets Business

Series: Venturing Forth
Two stories of Métis entrepreneurs and the communities they serve reveal the main ingredients for success: sheer determination, a love for one's people and most of all, heart. See how a "rough and tumble" wrestling show travels across the country with an important anti-drug and alcohol message an...

Employment and Training: The Osoyoos Indian Band

Series: Venturing Forth
This video highlights success stories of Aboriginal businesses and entrepreneurs and focuses on the Osoyoos First Nation which is a front-runner in economic development. It discusses opportunities for First Nations populations, especially within the resource sector, and emphasizes the need for re...

Goal Setting: Discovering Your Gifts

Featuring a narrator who is standing on an Arizona mountain and interviews with real teens, this program outlines five steps to goal setting, particularly goals related to future careers. They include: (1.) Identify your goal and write it down, (2.) List your obstacles, (3.) Identify individuals ...

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Loonies, Toonies, Credit and Debt: Financial Literacy for Canadian Teens

A concerned teacher stages a financial intervention for some of her students. Through a series of modern and relatable case studies, we explore the balance between needs vs. wants, the Canadian wage system, income tax, deductions, banking and interest, credit card responsibility and some basic in...

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What Type of Person Am I?: Personality and Careers

This video begins with six middle level students fantasizing about their future career possibilities. The narrators discuss how different each person is from the others because of varying personality types. The program explains six personality types based on the Holland Hexagon and offers example...

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The Healing Professions: Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy

The Healing Professions is a resource designed to provide prospective students with information about professions in medicine, nursing and pharmacy with a cultural perspective. The resource features Elders Ken Goodwill and Betty McEnna providing advice to youth about their pathways in life. In ad...

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Career Assessment: Finding a Career That Fits

This video briefly explores interests, skills and values as key components in making career choices. The program emphasizes that self-assessment, career assessment and career exploration are critical steps toward making appropriate career choices. The program identifies websites to use for career...