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Grade 3 English Language Arts

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Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend. The Making of Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend

This video provides a behind-the scenes look at all the people and processes involved in making the animated version of Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend.

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Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend

Scaredy Squirrel is scared to make a friend. After all, they can bite. When he decides the perfect friend would be a goldfish (no teeth), his plan takes a surprising turn. In the end, he discovers that making the effort has its rewards. Scaredy Squirrel provides an opportunity for classroom discu...

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The Red Hen

This modern version of a classic tale accompanied with bluegrass music and colourful illustrations and animations will support student understanding of the value of hard work.

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A Sick Day for Amos McGee

Amos McGee, an elderly zookeeper, adheres to a daily routine that involves eating porridge for breakfast, catching the 6 a.m. bus for work and always making time to visit his animal friends. When Amos fails to arrive at the zoo one morning, the animals are concerned and travel to his home. They d...

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Hannah's Story

Hannah Taylor sees her first homeless person in Winnipeg at the age of five. Hannah constantly thinks and worries about the man - where is he staying and what he is eating. When Hannah turns eight, she establishes the Ladybug Foundation, Inc. Hannah speaks to politicians, business leaders, studen...

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Stone Soup. An Interview with Jon J. Muth

This short video is an interview with the writer and illustrator, Jon J. Muth, who talks about his book called "Stone Soup."

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Stone Soup

In this video, villagers learn the importance of sharing, friendship and cooperation. Weary and hungry from traveling, three monks come upon a village. Villagers are suspicious of strangers and do not greet the monks. The monks decide to make stone soup. The villagers are enticed by what is happe...

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Sharing My Story. A Conversation with Ruth Sanderson

This short video is an interview with the illustrator, Ruth Sanderson, who talks about her picture books called "Mother Goose and Friends" and "Goldilocks."

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Mother Goose and Friends

The second video contains a number of classic nursery rhymes, such as Pease Porridge Hot, Old King Cole, and The Cat and the Fiddle. Lesser known rhymes include The Elf Man and The Grasshopper. This video is an adaptation of the picture books illustrated by Ruth Sanderson.

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Goldilocks & Mother Goose and Friends

In this version of Goldilocks, Goldilocks loves blueberries. She has no concerns for other people's property as she messes the beds and breaks a chair. In the end, Goldilocks makes up the beds she had disturbed, weaves a new chair to replace the one she broke and assists the bear family to make b...

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A Day's Work

In this video, Francisco's grandfather arrives from Mexico. Francisco and his grandfather wait in a parking lot hoping to be hired. Ben hires grandfather to work as a day labourer. At the end of the first day, Ben discovers that the job is done all wrong. Grandfather does not accept pay for the j...

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In four days, Shi-shi-etko leaves for residential school. Before she leaves, Shi-shi-etko's mother, father and Yayah share teachings they want her to remember. Shi-shi-etko learns to treasure the world that surrounds her. Yaya gives Shi-shi-etko a small bag made from deer hide and sinew. She tell...

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Our Mother Earth

Mother Earth has been neglected and is in desperate need of care and attention. In this DVD program, young people from around the world bring Earth's plight to the forefront. The Earth is emitting a silent scream and humans are not listening to the language of nature. The young people in the prog...

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Mabela the Clever

This video is based on an African folktale. A sly cat plans to catch all the mice in the village. The cat invites the mice to join the "secret cat society." The cat almost succeeds, but one clever mouse remembers her father's words of wisdom. Mabela pays attention to her surroundings, she moves f...

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Behind the Scenes: Creating the Soundtrack for the Lion and the Mouse

This short video is an interview with Sazi Dlamini, the composer of "The Lion and the Mouse" soundtrack.