Level 20 English Language Arts

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Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 3, Episode 2. Ed

Eduard Minevich was born in Omsk, Russia and lived in Leningrad during the siege. One day during the war he saved a man's life who in return offered to teach Ed to play violin. Now in Canada, Ed has been concertmaster in London, Kitchener and Regina.

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 3, Episode 4. Dr. Li

Dr. Zhi Heng Li is a Chinese doctor that specializes in the treatment of chronic pain. Using a combination of herbs and acupuncture, he demonstrates the value of Chinese medicine that is not successfully treated through traditional Western practice.

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 3, Episode 3. Mouneeb

Mouneeb Shahid operates a media production company in Saskatoon. His competitive advantage is his ability to innovate faster than his competition. As many young entrepreneurs experience, running a business comes with consequences for his home life.

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 3, Episode 5. Haidah

Haidah Amirzadeh entered Canada as a political refugee. She arrived without speaking English. Now she is an immigration lawyer, the President of the Board of Directors at the Open Door Society, and is married to a prominent Canadian artist.

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 3, Episode 6. Leemai

Leemai Lafontaine comes from a musical family. His parents raised a family that toured Canada as the musical group "The Fifth Generation". Today Leemai is studying to be a dentist while still pursuing his dream of becoming a hip hop music artist.

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 3, Episode 1. Danny

Danny Bradbury came to Canada from London to marry a girl from Saskatchewan. His home life is that of a regular Canadian, but work life puts him on the cutting edge of the postmodern economy. Danny is an exploration of the virtualization of culture.

The Secret Path (animated film)

This is the animated film based on the graphic novel Secret Path by Gord Downie and illustrated by Jeff Lemire.


Whose Land is It Anyway?

Series: 8th Fire
There's no getting around it. Land is the biggest sticking point in the relationship between Aboriginal peoples in Canada and the "settler" population. Who owns it, benefits from it, gets to say when, if and how it gets developed? These questions are all the more crucial because the lands in disp...

XS Stress: Teens Take Control

Three youth tell their real-life struggles while navigating the choppy waters of adolescence. Various sources of stress are identified, including new responsibilities, schoolwork, relationships with family and friends, racism, name calling and extra-curricular activities. The film offers insight ...

Indigenous in the City

Series: 8th Fire
In the opening episode of the four-part series 8th Fire, host Wab Kinew, from the Ojibways of Onigaming First Nation in Northern Ontario, an award-winning hip-hop artist and now a Winnipeg-based TV journalist, invites us to come "meet the neighbours." It's about time, since many Canadians say the...

At the Crossroads

Series: 8th Fire
At the close of the 8th Fire series, we meet young First Nations people preparing to change the future, determined to light the 8th Fire and build a new relationship with Canada. A fascinating range of artists, activists and business people take us through ways to shed the colonial past and to bu...

Martha of the North

The Canadian government devised a plan to relocate families to ensure Canadian sovereignty of the Arctic. The families were told game was plentiful, communities would be in one place and they could leave after two years. When Martha was five years old, her family was enticed to leave their Inuit ...

Turning 32

In 1992, a TV series titled Turning 16 filmed six teens from around the world. Sixteen years later, the filmmakers search for the young men and women to see who they have become and what has happened to their dreams. Rosie, Puttinam, Pintinho, Idrissa and Sonam talk about their lives from when th...

Life, Work and Smartphones

A new generation of cellphones is changing the way people live and work. This video explores why smartphones are so popular and examine some of the drawbacks and the dangers.

How Facebook Changed the World

Beginning as a college dorm project, Facebook is now an international giant. It has more than half a billion users, and Canadians are among its biggest fans. This video examines the rise of the social media giant and at the many ways it is changing the world.

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