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Decomposition: Kindergarten to Grade 3

In this 30-minute broadcast, students will explore the computational thinking skill of decomposition - the breaking down of a problem into smaller parts to make the problem easier to solve. Students will also begin to explore the computational concepts of sequences and loops.


One Tiny Turtle. Did You Know?

This short video is a collection of quick facts about sea turtles and is animated with photographs from the book, "One Tiny Turtle."


One Tiny Turtle

This video introduces the life cycle of the loggerhead turtle. When the baby turtle is born, it is no bigger than a bottle top. As the turtle reaches adulthood, it will be as big as a barrel. The feeding habits, behaviour, life cycle and habitat of the loggerhead turtle are described. Students ca...


Monarch and Milkweed. Sharing My Story. A Conversation with the Author Helen Frost

This short video is an interview with author, Helen Frost, who speaks about her book, "Monarch and Milkweed."


Monarch and Milkweed. Author's Note

The short video is narrated by Helen Frost, the author of "Monarch and Milkweed." She gives more facts about monarch butterflies, describes their migration patterns using maps and presents viewers with a couple of web resources, useful for further learning about the butterflies.


Monarch and Milkweed

This video introduces the life cycle of the monarch butterfly and its relationship with the host plant, the milkweed. As spring arrives, the milkweed sprouts through the earth and starts to grow. The monarch butterfly arrives and feeds from the milkweed. After mating, the monarch butterfly uses t...


What Do You Do With a Tail Like This? An Interview with Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

This short video is an interview with the writers, Steve Jenkins and Robin Page, about their book, What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?


First the Egg. An Interview with Laura Vaccaro Seeger

This short video features an interview with Laura Vaccaro Seeger, the writer and illustrator of the children's book First the Egg.


Diary of a Fly. An Interview with Harry Bliss

This short video features an interview with Harry Bliss, the illustrator of the children's book "Diary of a Fly."


First the Egg

In this video, children will learn the life cycle of plants and animals. For example, children will learn that a tadpole comes before a frog, a seed comes before the flower, the caterpillar comes before the butterfly and the egg comes before the chicken. The original picture book was written and ...


What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?

This video examines the various things that animals can do with their ears, eyes, mouths, noses, feet and tails. Children will learn that not all animals use the body parts for the same purpose. For example, a lizard will break off its tail to escape predators and a skunk lifts his tail to spray ...


Diary of a Fly

Using diary format, the life cycle of a fly is introduced. The author describes learning to fly, landing on targets, using their senses and that flies are an important part of the food chain. Children should enjoy the humour throughout the story, such as Fly being sent to the garage for a time-ou...


Properties of Matter, Part 2: Liquids, Solids, and Gases

Matter is everywhere and in everything. Appropriate examples and experiments make learning about matter easy and fun. Viewers learn that all matter has mass and takes up space, use the five senses to discover the properties of matter and see how matter changes form. A catchy tune helps reinforce ...


Properties of Matter, Part 1

This video takes viewers to the "matter kitchen" where they learn to use their senses to identify the properties of objects - size, weight, shape, colour, temperature. They also learn about some of the tools used to measure the properties of matter and that matter has mass, takes up space and can...

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