Focus on Coding and STEM: Kindergarten - Grade 3

In this 30-minute broadcast students will use STEM skills of observation, comparing & contrasting and sorting & classifying to further develop their computational thinking skills of pattern recognition, decomposition, abstraction and logic. During the broadcast, students will: - read a portion of the Let's Talk Science book, written in partnership with Dr. Jeremy McNeil, titled "What is an Insect?" - explore the skill of observation, comparing & contrasting, sorting & classifying as they work in different ways with insect picture card sets - participate in a gallery walk to try and guess other students' sorting rules for the insect picture sets - explore how Venn Diagrams can be used to identify the similarities and differences between insects (this will be modelled in such a way that younger audiences who do not yet have experience using Venn diagrams can participate in a scaffolded version of the activity) - use logic to explain whether or not new pictures presented to them fit into their sorting rules or not and why - debrief how the STEM skills of observation, comparing & contrasting, sorting & classifying strengthen their Computational Thinking Skills of decomposition, abstraction, pattern recognition and logic See the interactive teacher guide for materials and other materials required to participate in these activities. There are also follow-up activities to do independently on your own after viewing the broadcast.  Link to teacher guide:




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