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Loonies, Toonies, Credit and Debt: Financial Literacy for Canadian Teens

A concerned teacher stages a financial intervention for some of her students. Through a series of modern and relatable case studies, we explore the balance between needs vs. wants, the Canadian wage system, income tax, deductions, banking and interest, credit card responsibility and some basic in...

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Blue Sky Dreaming

What does carbon neutrality really mean? This episode of Earth Report highlights four countries and many corporations that are pledging to go carbon neutral. One such country is New Zealand which plans to be the first country to create a completely carbon neutral economy. Their 2020 target inclu...

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The Seeds of a Controversy

In spite of the scientific evidence in its favor and over a decade of uneventful experience in N. America, GM crops and foods continue to engender fear, particularly in Europe. This companion piece to The Seeds of a New Era provides a thorough discussion of the non-scientific factors behind these...

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It's a Simple Life. Jefferson Little

Series: Art InCLINEd 2
Will pop art ever die? Heather Cline asks Jefferson Little about the impact of popular culture on contemporary artists. The two artists examine the on-going connection between commercial art practice and the creation of unique visual art.

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A Mother's Earth

Series: Wapos Bay
This award-winning series, produced in Cree, English and French, uses stop-motion animation to portray life in a fictional northern Saskatchewan community. It focuses on issues and events in the lives of children and their supportive families in this traditional Cree community. The adults guide t...

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Addicted to Plastic

This feature-length documentary is an investigation to find out what we really know about plastics and why there is so much plastic in our world. The video illustrates their toxic legacy and showcases the men and women dedicated to developing solutions to plastic pollution.

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Easy Being Green: How Teens Can Help Save the Planet

This video speaks to teens to promote ways they, or anyone, can take care of the environment and lessen their impact on the earth. The video contains four chapters: In Your Planet: Love It or Leave - examines sustainability and energy use. (4 minutes); What Color Are Your Wheels? Getting Around G...

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Innovation Nation Episode 4. Communications

How will we communicate in the world of tomorrow? As we become digitally more connected, at ever increasing speeds, new technologies seek to transform the way we interact with one another and our environment. Innovation Nation looks at augmented reality, robotic telepresence, and technologies tha...

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Nelson Mandela

This video provides an overview of Nelson Mandela's activism and struggles for equality. Nelson pays a heavy price to become the first Black president of South Africa. He is imprisoned for 27 years for fighting against apartheid. After his release from prison, Nelson leads his political party in ...

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Prayer of Peace. This is Our Home: Standing for Freedom in Burma

This short video accompanies the full length documentary called "Prayer of Peace: Relief and Resistance in Burma's Way Zone."

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Metis Role Models: Culture Meets Business

Series: Venturing Forth
Two stories of Métis entrepreneurs and the communities they serve reveal the main ingredients for success: sheer determination, a love for one's people and most of all, heart. See how a "rough and tumble" wrestling show travels across the country with an important anti-drug and alcohol message an...

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Racial Stereotypes in the Media

This program examines the relationship between mass media and the social constructs of race from political and economic perspectives and looks at the effects media has on the viewing audience. Demeaning and offensive racial stereotypes were pervasive in popular media in the 20th century. Today, r...

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Duk Ha

This modern day Tae Kwon Do warrior envisions the attainment of world peace through a combination of roundhouse kicks, meditation, and a balanced internal foundation. His father arrived in Canada from Korea with $300.00 and a vision to spread Tae Kwon Do in the western world. Now the family owns ...

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WHMIS 2015

Series: Safetycare
WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System and was created to reduce injuries, illness and deaths associated with working with hazardous or controlled materials in the workplace. Any controlled product must be appropriately labelled with a corresponding Material Safety Data...

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Jay Dzeko

This series provides viewers with 'a week in the life' of the new face of Canada. Jay Dzeko fled war torn Bosnia and came to Moose Jaw where he set up a taxi business, the Golden Years Transportation Company. While his new life in Moose Jaw has not been without a few challenges, Jay is very pleas...