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Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 5, Episode 2: Darkness All Night

Paramedics treat a man overdosing in front of his scared girlfriend, a young woman possibly having a miscarriage, and a criminal with multiple personalities. A paramedic is attacked by a man on drugs.

Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 5, Episode 1: A New Threat

Paramedics are called to a woman bitten on the arm by a home invader, a paraplegic in chronic pain, a fentanyl overdose patient, and an alcoholic who will die if he doesn't stop drinking.

Canadian Startup Uses AI to Reduce Job Interview Bias

This is a five-minute video segment from The National (CBC) that highlights the use of artificial intelligence in reducing bias during the hiring process. It features a Canadian startup company called Knockri to find out about the promises its technology makes and the challenges it faces.


How Can Governments Help Stop Overwork?

New Lens on Life: Using Photography to Heal From Trauma

This is a brief video that describes how a remote community in northern Saskatchewan with a high suicide rate for Indigenous youth is trying to change that by discovering the healing power of photography. The video gives attention to the issues of addiction and trauma and highlights the importanc...


Gaming Disorder Now a Disease According to WHO

This is a short introductory video that gives students and teachers a look into gaming addictions. The video may serve as a starting point for further investigation into the topic.


Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 4, Episode 7: Happy Endings

Paramedics rush to treat a teenager who was tasered, a woman overdosing in a parking lot, a homeless man with chronic pain and a man bear-maced by vandals.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Help You Learn a New Language

This short video profiles the work of Toronto researchers in developing a smartphone app that incorporates artificial intelligence in the form of speech recognition software. This feature allows app users to learn French in an interactive, conversational way, regardless of their level of fluency ...

Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 4, Episode 6: A Senseless Attack

Teams respond to a savage, back-alley assault, a cancer patient, a man threatening to jump off a freeway overpass and woman on meth who crashed a stolen vehicle.

Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 4, Episode 5: The Pink People

Paramedics treat a dementia patient with a urinary tract infection, a man in severe alcohol withdrawal, a teenager who was stabbed and a epileptic patient seeking help from a neighbour.

Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 4, Episode 4: An Overdose on Meth

Paramedics treat a woman assaulted in her van, a man with drug-induced anxiety, a teenager struck by a car and a man overdosing on meth.

Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 4, Episode 3: On the Edge

Paramedics respond to a three-wheeled motorcycle rollover, a heart-attack patient, a mom with severe anxiety and a patient overdosing in a parking lot.

Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 4, Episode 2: A Psychotic State

Paramedics treat a teenager who fell from a third-floor balcony, a man struck by a passing truck, a home-care patient having a psychotic episode and an HIV-positive, homeless woman.

Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 4, Episode 1: Assault in Progress

Teams respond to an overdosing patient pulled from the river, a woman left at the scene of a car crash, a young man with chronic alcoholism and an injured police officer.

Self-esteem the Key to Empowering the Women of Tomorrow

In this short video, CBC's The National visits a Nova Scotia school program that aims to increase the self-esteem of young girls, with the hope that this will lead to their becoming confident and empowered young women.

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