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Tying Your Own Shoes

Four budding artists with Down Syndrome express their thoughts regarding art, life, love and their experiences living with Down Syndrome. They express their frustrations, but also discuss their successes, dreams and satisfaction in being able to live independently. The program is animated in part...

Radical Attitudes: The Architecture of Douglas Cardinal

Upon a single glance at any of renowned architect Douglas Cardinal's organic architecture, it is evident that 'radical' is no exaggeration. This documentary follows Cardinal's career - from bursting onto the architectural scene in the mid 1960's with his radically curvilinear St. Mary's Church in...

Design for Sustainability

The key message of this program is that sustainable design is the art of designing physical objects to comply with the principles of economic, social and ecological sustainability. It ranges from the microcosm of designing small objects for everyday use, through to the macrocosm of designing buil...

Canada's Butterfly: Marie Pellegrini

This documentary chronicles the life of renowned opera diva, Maria Pellegrini a.k.a. "Canada's Butterfly," following her rise to the pinnacle of her profession in England, Italy and around the globe. The film explores the challenges Pellegrini faced balancing her personal life and motherhood with...

Oscar Peterson: Keeping the Groove Alive

With narration by Christopher Plummer, this video focuses on the life and career of one of the greatest jazz piano musicians, Oscar Peterson, who passed away in 2007. Through interviews with Peterson and others, viewers learn about the person behind the legend, including the discrimination he fac...

Arctic Hip Hop

Capitalizing on the popularity of hip hop, social worker and long-time B-boy Stephen Leafloor has been bringing positive hip hop workshops to the north, this time to the remote hamlet of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. While dancing to the beat, kids are encouraged to blend their rich, ancient culture wi...

The Road to Carnegie Hall: Introducing the YouTube Symphony Orchestra

Fledgling musicians meet masters of the symphonic art form in this behind-the-scenes look at a milestone Carnegie Hall event. The film profiles previously unknown artists who, after auditioning via the Internet, were subsequently invited to take part in the 2008 YouTube Symphony Orchestra, the fi...

Understanding Brands

This program addresses what a brand is, the power of branding, what makes a brand, the creation and evolution of brands and the influence of brands. It defines and gives examples of corporate, family, individual and personal brands. Teens on a city street ask various passers by to identify brand ...

Design. All About Color

In this program, interior designer Brandi Hagen addresses the history and development of colour theories, the colour wheel, warm and cool colours, and colour schemes in clothing and interior design. She provides examples for concepts and terminology used in colour theory (e.g., hue, value, chroma...

A Cup of Wine: 5 Poems from the Tang & Song Dynasties

Award-winning Canadian filmmaker Daniel Conrad collaborates with Canadian choreographer Wen Wei Wang to reimagine dance and poetry from the Tang and Song dynasties (960 to 1280 AD). Rather than reproducing historical choreography, this work revives ways of interpreting and savouring life and natu...

Advertising Layout II: Visual Directions

This program builds understanding of how elements of art and principles of design are applied to the creation of magazine advertisements and posters. The program shows students how to attract a viewer's attention with the layout concepts commonly known as picture window, silhouette, square zero, ...

Advertising Layout I: Space Allocations

This program builds understanding of elements of art and principles of design as applied to the creation of magazine advertisements and posters. Examples demonstrate effective and ineffective advertising layout by addressing recommended space allocation for the illustration, headline, copy and lo...

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The Real Story of the King's Speech

The British movie, The King's Speech, is the big winner at the Academy Awards ceremony. It tells the story of King George VI's struggle to overcome a speech impediment. This video examines how much of the film is history, and how much is Hollywood.

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Dances of the First People

A ballet dancer and a ballroom dancer pair up with two powwow dancers at the Kamloops Powwow. Through the visitors' experiences, viewers learn about the steps, songs and regalia, as well as the family atmosphere and friendliness of the First Nations peoples.

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Ted Grant. The Art of Observation Slideshow

This is a slideshow of the photographs of Ted Grant spanning many decades and set to background music.