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The West Coast with Takao Tanabe

A critic once remarked that if you have seen one Tanabe, you have seen them all. Reknown painter Takao Tanabe does not disagree with this statement, yet it has not stopped him from painting landscapes for the past 35 years. A close examination of his canvasses reveals subtle changes in atmosphere...


Boggy Creek with Joe Fafard

Chronicling our past and giving shape to our cultural identity, sculptor Joe Fafard is a prominent figure in Canadian art. Working at his Saskatchewan farm near Boggy Creek, Fafard creates iconic sculptures. As common-place as cows, dogs, sheep and horses might seem, these domesticated animals sp...


Manitoba Bees with Aganetha Dyck

Wild and domestic bees are an integral part of the worlds food supply, helping to pollinate 30%-50% of what we eat. Manitoba artist, Aganetha Dyck, installs found objects, drawings, paintings and sculptures into living beehives where they are altered and completed by her winged collaborators. Aga...


The Buffalo with Adrian Stimson

The Buffalo, nearly exterminated in North America in the 1800s, now exist almost exclusively as farmed herds. This program focuses on Blackfoot artist Adrian Stimson who feels an inherent connection to these majestic beasts. He is inspired by the Plains landscape and takes viewers on a scouting t...


Migration with Jane Ash Poitras

Jane Ash Poitras, a renowned Dene/Cree artist travels in Alberta; demonstrating her colourful artwork and discussing her roots, the importance of a positive relationship with the environment, First Nations spirituality, and history. Beginning in the Milk River Valley, Jane photographs ancient pet...


Emma Lake with Degen Lindner

For more than seventy years University of Saskatchewan's Emma Lake Campus has been a meeting place for artists and thinkers from around the world. Saskatoon painter Degen Lindner invites us to her art studio at Emma Lake where she discusses how her father and nature inspire her artwork. Lindner w...


Athabasca Sand Dunes with Sandra Meigs

Self-described "Gothic painter," Sandra Meigs travels from her Victoria home to remote northwestern Saskatchewan's enigmatic Athabasca Sand Dunes. Spanning almost 2,000 square kilometres, the isolated Dunes are Canada's largest active sand surface -- and the most northerly active dunes on Earth. ...


Show Don't Tell. The Process

This video explores how students clearly understanding the purpose of the unit can lead to deeper engagement and a sense of community.


The Voice of Change. Episode 13

When founding Jazzberry Angie the voice visits, everyone assumes she is coming out of retirement, but they are shocked when she notifies them that they are being kicked out of the House of Jam! Featured instrument: voice; musical focus: timbre.


The Jazzberry Express. Episode 12

When noise from a new trolley line interrupts performances, the Jazzberries want it gone. It was Ella's hard work that brought the trolley, however, and she is not giving it up without a fight. Featured instrument: bell; musical focus: sound waves.


The Disappearing Act. Episode 6

When the Jazzberries each discover they are missing something, suspicion falls on Tesla the theremin, a magician whose specialty is making things disappear. Featured instrument: theremin; musical focus: theme.


The ABCs of Music. Episode 9

Billie struggles to teach Kaz, the kazoo with a short attention span, about music in time for her performance that night. Featured instrument: kazoo; musical focus: standard notation.


Music is Universal. Episode 3

A pair of Alien Castanets inadvertently join the jam after Billie mistakes their spaceship for a disco ball. Buddy makes it his mission to communicate with them, though they speak only by clacking. Featured instrument: castanets; musical focus: music as a universal language.


Mixmaster Flash. Episode 2

RC works to hide the truth from the Jazzberries when Flash the turntables uses a sample from an embarrassing song he had hoped to never hear again. Featured instrument: turntables; musical focus: texture.


Jazzberries Unplugged. Episode 1

Lars the double-necked guitar needs power to play, but the huge light show Billie has prepared has blown the House of Jam's generator. Featured instrument: double-necked guitar; musical focus: timbre and dynamics/acoustic vs. electric.