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Level 20 Physical Science

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Innovation Nation Episode 6. Artificial Intelligence

Can we trust the robots of the future? Innovation Nation explores the world of artificial intelligence, taking us into labs and workshops where innovators teach robots to perceive, think, and move just like human beings.

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Innovation Nation Episode 5. Robotics

Will robots replace humans? Revolutionary new machines are being designed and built for the workplace of tomorrow. Along with visiting robotic labs around the world, Innovation Nation explores robot-human psychology and tests out an exo-skeleton, a robot that you can strap on and wear.

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Innovation Nation Episode 4. Communications

How will we communicate in the world of tomorrow? As we become digitally more connected, at ever increasing speeds, new technologies seek to transform the way we interact with one another and our environment. Innovation Nation looks at augmented reality, robotic telepresence, and technologies tha...

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The Physics of Medical Imaging

This program explores the operation and benefits of medical imaging tools such as ultrasound, computed axial tomography, positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. It also provides explanations of the scientific principles of each imaging modality, including their connection to ...

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Careers in Physical Science

This program profiles a mechanical engineer, a chemical engineer, a materials scientist, a mathematician and a forensic scientist. Students will learn about the challenges and rewards of working in physical science careers.

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The Selenium Solution

This video features a project involving scientists Dr. Ingrid Pickering, Dr. Graham George and a team of cross-disciplinary researchers who investigated the link between arsenic and selenium, two elements on the periodic table that appear to cancel each other out. Arsenic is naturally present in ...

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Blue Sky Dreaming

What does carbon neutrality really mean? This episode of Earth Report highlights four countries and many corporations that are pledging to go carbon neutral. One such country is New Zealand which plans to be the first country to create a completely carbon neutral economy. Their 2020 target inclu...

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The Sky is Not the Limit Part 2

This video follows the University of Saskatchewan's Space Design Team (USST) as they compete in NASA's Space Elevator Games. Episode 2 continues the trip to and arrival at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mohave Desert. The team arrives at the competition ready to reclaim their first place title and...

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The Sky is Not the Limit Part 1

What happens when a small group of hardworking, sleep-deprived and chronically underfunded university students take on some of the brightest engineering minds in North America at NASA's Space Elevator Games? Follow the USST as they prepare for and compete at Edward's Airforce Base for NASA's top ...

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Waves in the Ocean

This video provides an explanation about the formation of waves by winds, storms, and the path of water particles in a wave. The characteristics of waves are described including amplitude, wave height, wave length, period, speed and frequency. Concepts such as interference, reflection, refraction...