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Grade 3 Health Education

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Spring Safety. Anaphylactic Safety

The short video explains what anaphylactic shock is and how to help someone in distress.

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Spring Safety. 9-1-1 Safety

This short video explains how and when to call 911, including when calling is not warranted.

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Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend. The Making of Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend

This video provides a behind-the scenes look at all the people and processes involved in making the animated version of Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend.

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Raven Power

Raven identifies, through several scenarios, that the men and boys in the community take the women and girls for granted and show lack of respect for them. The women go on a week-long retreat, and only Jacob seems able to make coffee, cook meals and keep things running. Raven and Chief Big Sky ne...

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Winter Safety

This program makes the point that winter can be fun if you follow some simple safety rules. The video host talks about the importance of: dressing properly, wearing proper protective equipment for outdoor sports, ice safety and playing away from roads and snowbanks.

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Fall Safety

Fall brings about thoughts of "back to school", Halloween, changing colors, and harvesting in rural areas. Out host Maggie examines school bus safety, schoolyard safety, trick-or-treating safety, and farm safety.

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Summer Safety

Ahhh summer! Sun, sand, water, but we must be careful as well. Our host Maggie talks about water and pool safety, boat safety, bicycle safety, sun protection, as well as the importance of hydration and what to do with bites, stings and poison ivy.

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Spring Safety

Spring is a time of melting ice, changing weather and spring cleaning. Viewers join our host Maggie as she discusses staying off lakes and ponds, storm and general weather safety, playground safety and spring cleaning safety.

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Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend

Scaredy Squirrel is scared to make a friend. After all, they can bite. When he decides the perfect friend would be a goldfish (no teeth), his plan takes a surprising turn. In the end, he discovers that making the effort has its rewards. Scaredy Squirrel provides an opportunity for classroom discu...

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Seven Grandfather Teachings: Character Development

In this program, students learn about The Seven Grandfather Teachings, also known as The Seven Sacred Teachings. This is a set of teachings on human conduct towards others. They are what was traditionally and still is needed in order for communities to survive. The teachings - love, respect, cour...

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The Science of Nutrition: Video Clips Collection with Leslie Beck

This collection of short video clips explores the science of nutrition and provides facts to promote healthier decision-making. Hosted by Leslie Beck, the clips offers students information on important nutrition topics. Teachers will find these segments useful for planning instruction related to ...

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Those Shoes. Sharing My Story. A Conversation with Maribeth Boelts

This short video is an interview with author, Maribeth Boelts, who talks about her book, "Those Shoes."

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Those Shoes

Jeremy yearns for a pair of the black high-top sneakers all the kids are wearing, but his grandmother can't afford them so he makes do with a pair from the box of cast-offs in the school guidance office. To his amazement and delight, Jeremy finds a too-small pair of the prized shoes on a visit to...

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In four days, Shi-shi-etko leaves for residential school. Before she leaves, Shi-shi-etko's mother, father and Yayah share teachings they want her to remember. Shi-shi-etko learns to treasure the world that surrounds her. Yaya gives Shi-shi-etko a small bag made from deer hide and sinew. She tell...

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See a Bully! Stop a Bully!

With a focus on transforming viewers into bully detectives, this program addresses how to recognize various types of bullies, appreciate how bullies make others feel and understand what kids really think about bullies. This program encourages kids to consider the consequences of their own behavio...