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Grade 2 Mathematics

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Show Me the Money

Kevin takes Uncle Norm to the banker, who explains how to sort coins and about different currencies and types of money. This episode is about distinguishing between quantity and value with respect to coins and about combinations of coins (such as 25 pennies, 2 dimes and 5 pennies, 5 nickels or qu...

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Rule of Thumb

While visiting a sculpting art studio, Uncle Norm learns all about the Rule of Thumb and how using one piece of string wrapped around the base of your thumb can give you many of the approximate measurements that can be used to create a bust of yourself. This episode is about using indirect measur...

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Leader of the Pack

A fashion consultant teaches Uncle Norm about combinations: how he can use a few pairs of tops with a few different bottoms to have enough outfits to last his entire trip. This episode is about discovering all of the possible combinations for a set of objects, using drawings, tree diagrams and cr...

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How Things Stack Up ... and Down

Vendors at the farmer's market vendors teach Uncle Norm and Kevin how they stack their products using growing and shrinking patterns. This episode is about growing and shrinking patterns - patterns in which every element in the pattern is related to the preceding element in the pattern in the sam...

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Code Name: Rad

Uncle Norm is given a birthday present that is locked by a secret code. With some help from a police officer, he learns how traffic lights and signs are just like secret codes and gets some ideas about how to open his present. This episode is about patterning and algebra, specifically the notions...

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A Balancing Act

An architect teaches Uncle Norm about gravity, the fulcrum and counterweights. This episode is about weight and how you can measure and compare this property using specific tools and units (such as scales, which demonstrate the concepts of greater than, less than, and equal to). The concept of "b...

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Ace the Lace

Uncle Norm's shoelaces need an overhaul; he learns numerous ways to tie shoelaces - Bow Tie lacing, the Half and Half pattern and even the Checkerboard pattern, all using the 'over, under, in and out' rule. This episode is about patterning, such as over/under, left/right, in/out, red/black and fo...

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Blockhead. The Life of Fibonacci

In this video, the life of Leonardo Fibonacci is examined. Living in medieval Italy, Leonardo constantly thought about numbers. People called him blockhead because he daydreamed about numbers. As Fibonacci grew older and travelled the world, he studied how other countries use numbers and how they...

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Landmark Numbers and Number Line

Series: Math Monsters
The Monster's castle is located on a highway between Positivity City and Negativityville. To help run their tow truck business, the Monsters develop a strategy to place Monster-meter signs at regular intervals. Students will learn about number line and the usefulness of landmark numbers

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Series: Math Monsters
The Math Monsters must pick and box all the gollywomple fruit in Aunt Two Lips' orchard. The Monsters must use estimation strategies to help them count the gollywomple fruit.

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Series: Math Monsters
After building a rocket, the Math Monsters must design a launch pad. They learn different strategies to figure out how many fire-proof tiles are needed for the launch pad.

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Math Curse. An Interview with Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith

This short video features an interview with the writer Jon Scieszka and the illustrator Lane Smith of the children's book Math Curse.

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Math Curse

When the math teacher, Mrs. Fibonnica explains to her class that students can think of almost anything as a math problem, one young girl takes the statement much too seriously. Suddenly, she is cursed with thinking of even the most insignificant activities as math problems that she must solve. Fi...

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Series: Math Monsters
Binary Bill sends a brand new computer to the castle. The Monsters plug it in only to discover that Binary Bill has set certain challenges before they can log in.

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Counting and Symbolizing

Series: Math Monsters
The Monsters are invited to help Cousin Digit do an inventory of fish at his fish store. Because the fish move around, it is difficult to get an accurate count. A variety of counting strategies help the Monsters understand one-to-one correspondence.