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Level 30 Energy and Mines

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Mining: From Exploration to Rehabilitation

Starting with a brief historical overview of mining, this comprehensive program takes the viewer out of the classroom, into the field, and down the mines. Victoria's Stawell gold mine is visited and experts from Rio Tinto are introduced. Following the mineral exploration flow chart, the program ...

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The Energy Question: Nuclear, Wind or Fossil?

This film explores the very different energy policies of two countries: Australia and Sweden. AUSTRALIA: Global warming has now led some environmentalists to change their minds about nuclear power. The fossil fuel lobby virtually dictates Australia`s energy policy. They`ve come up with a technolo...

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He Has Seen the Wind

He Has Seen the Wind is a documentary featuring University of Saskatchewan graduate Dr. Darryl Jessie, the president and CEO of RAUM Energy. The video discusses how and why Jessie started his company manufacturing wind turbines in Saskatchewan. It touches on environmental concerns such as a need ...