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Level 20 Food Studies

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Food Preparation Techniques: Slice, Dice, and Roll

Preparation time: 15 Minutes. But what goes on during that time? How do we change whole foods into foods ready to cook or eat? This video presents preparation techniques such as ensuring personal, food and workspace cleanliness and organizing the work area, in addition to techniques such as peeli...

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Cooking Techniques: How It All Boils Down

Observe as a professional chef and his students work step-by-step to demonstrate 13 common cooking techniques using dry-heat methods like baking, broiling and roasting, and moist-heat methods like blanching, boiling and steaming. The video promotes using whole foods rather than ordering takeout m...

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Lousy Labels 2: The Food Edition

In Canada, millions of us are trying to do the right thing for ourselves and our families by buying healthy food. But can we rely on the health information on food labels? In this follow-up to the popular Lousy Labels story on beauty products, Marketplace searches for the truth behind the latest ...