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Grade 3 Science

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Activities of Plants

Several important activities including photosynthesis, reproduction, growth and germination are investigated in this video. Students will learn how these processes are related to the structure of plants. Important terminology includes: flower, pistil, stamen, pollen, pollination and reproduction.

Plant Parts

This program explores the basic parts of a plant, including the stem, roots and leaves, and describes the functions of each of these plant parts using real-world examples that students will easily recognize. Important plant terminology is introduced.

Let's Talk Geography : 55 Geographical Terms

Using high definition video footage, animated maps and graphics, "Let's Talk Geography: 55 Geographical Terms (Every Kid Should Know)" provides students with a fun and visual way to learn about landforms, bodies of water and places all over the world. This program takes viewers around the world t...

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Forces Acting on Structures. Part 3

Professor Peter Plankton and Professor Tess Tube examine forces on structures. They specifically look at the impact of earthquakes and tornadoes. Footage from the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan shows the devastating impact of these natural forces. Students will learn the difference betwee...

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Structures. Part 2. Quiz

This short video is a question and answer quiz on the content found in the video, Structures: Man-made and Found in Nature. Part 2 (N1262).

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Structures. Man-Made and Found in Nature. Part 2

Professor Peter Plankton and Professor Tess Tube explore structures. Students will learn that both humans and animals build specific structures with specific functions and that structures have many forms. Students are introduced to the complex honeycomb structure that bees build. Modern day struc...

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Our Mother Earth

Mother Earth has been neglected and is in desperate need of care and attention. In this DVD program, young people from around the world bring Earth's plight to the forefront. The Earth is emitting a silent scream and humans are not listening to the language of nature. The young people in the prog...

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Monarch and Milkweed. Sharing My Story. A Conversation with the Author Helen Frost

This short video is an interview with author, Helen Frost, who speaks about her book, "Monarch and Milkweed."

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Monarch and Milkweed. Author's Note

The short video is narrated by Helen Frost, the author of "Monarch and Milkweed." She gives more facts about monarch butterflies, describes their migration patterns using maps and presents viewers with a couple of web resources, useful for further learning about the butterflies.

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Monarch and Milkweed

This video introduces the life cycle of the monarch butterfly and its relationship with the host plant, the milkweed. As spring arrives, the milkweed sprouts through the earth and starts to grow. The monarch butterfly arrives and feeds from the milkweed. After mating, the monarch butterfly uses t...

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Living Sunlight. Sharing Our Story. A Conversation with Molly Bang and Penny Chisholm

This short video is an interview with authors, Molly Bang and Penny Chisholm, about their book, "Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring the Earth to Life."

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Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring the Earth to Life

Using the sun as the narrator, photosynthesis is examined. The sun's energy melts glaciers, warms the land and the sea and creates wind. All living things need the sun's energy to survive. Children will understand that photosynthesis is important to all life forms and that without plants; there w...

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The Curious Garden. An Interview with Peter Brown

This short video is an interview with the writer and illustrator, Peter Brown, who talks about his book called "The Curious Garden."

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The Curious Garden

In this animated video, Liam lives in a city that is dark and grey. While exploring one day, Liam discovers a stairwell that leads to old railroad tracks. Among the tracks is a patch of dying wildflowers. Liam decides to take care of the garden. He learns to water and prune the plants. As the gar...

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Raven Tales. How Raven Stole the Sun

Raven Tales: How Raven Stole the Sun is an animated film based on a First Nations folklore of the Northwest coast. Frog tells Raven and Eagle about an old man who keeps the sky, the stars, the moon and the light of the world in a set of boxes by the river. Raven transforms himself into a spruce n...