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Teen Photographer Portrays Homeless

This 10-minute online video is of a teen photographer, Leah Denbok, that creates black-and-white images of the homeless of North America. The video features footage of the artist in the street talking to her subjects while explaining her style, inspired by artist Lee Jeffries.


Follow the Rock

This video shows how First Nations from across British Columbia have gathered over the past 50 years to take part in the All Native Basketball Tournament. The tournament opens with a four-hour ceremony, where each team proudly dances into the gym to the sound of traditional drumming and song. Mor...


Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 3, Episode 2. Ed

Eduard Minevich was born in Omsk, Russia and lived in Leningrad during the siege. One day during the war he saved a man's life who in return offered to teach Ed to play violin. Now in Canada, Ed has been concertmaster in London, Kitchener and Regina.

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 3, Episode 4. Dr. Li

Dr. Zhi Heng Li is a Chinese doctor that specializes in the treatment of chronic pain. Using a combination of herbs and acupuncture, he demonstrates the value of Chinese medicine that is not successfully treated through traditional Western practice.

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 3, Episode 3. Mouneeb

Mouneeb Shahid operates a media production company in Saskatoon. His competitive advantage is his ability to innovate faster than his competition. As many young entrepreneurs experience, running a business comes with consequences for his home life.

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 3, Episode 5. Haidah

Haidah Amirzadeh entered Canada as a political refugee. She arrived without speaking English. Now she is an immigration lawyer, the President of the Board of Directors at the Open Door Society, and is married to a prominent Canadian artist.

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 3, Episode 6. Leemai

Leemai Lafontaine comes from a musical family. His parents raised a family that toured Canada as the musical group "The Fifth Generation". Today Leemai is studying to be a dentist while still pursuing his dream of becoming a hip hop music artist.

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 3, Episode 1. Danny

Danny Bradbury came to Canada from London to marry a girl from Saskatchewan. His home life is that of a regular Canadian, but work life puts him on the cutting edge of the postmodern economy. Danny is an exploration of the virtualization of culture.

How Changing Language Could Help in the Fight Against Opioids

This video clip from the CBC’s The National reports on an alternate way of looking at addiction as a disease, rather than a choice. It encourages the viewer to consider the language used when referring to substance abuse disorders and how language can either help or hinder users from getting the ...


Flat Out Food. Season 1, Episode 6: Chanterelles

Series: Flat Out Food
Saskatchewan chanterelles, forest jewels, are sought by chefs everywhere. Three Saskatoon chefs take Jenn Sharp on a trip to the forest to forage for these unique mushrooms.

Flat Out Food. Season 1, Episode 5: Beef

Series: Flat Out Food
Cattle are an important part of the grasslands’ ecosystem. Jenn Sharp meets with two ranchers and a chef as she follows this nutrient-dense ingredient from the pasture to the plate.

Flat Out Food. Season 1, Episode 4: Honey

Series: Flat Out Food
Saskatchewan is the second largest honey producer in Canada. Jenn Sharp learns about bees, how to make mead from honey and how honey can be used to elevate a dish.

Flat Out Food. Season 1, Episode 3: ohtapamihowin

Series: Flat Out Food
Traditional foods that can be foraged or hunted have provided nourishment for the people on this land for thousands of years. Jenn Sharp learns about some of the ingredients and their uses.

Flat Out Food. Season 1, Episode 2: Lentils

Series: Flat Out Food
Lentils are a popular Saskatchewan crop that is often shipped oversees. A farmer, a brewer and a chef are changing that.

Flat Out Food. Season 1, Episode 1: Wheat

Series: Flat Out Food
Jenn Sharp visits an organic grain farmer, a baker and a whiskey maker to learn about the various uses of wheat.

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