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Grade 1 Mathematics

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Two of Everything

In this video, Mr. Haktak digs up a brass pot and takes it home. He puts his purse that contains his last five gold coins in the pot for safekeeping. Mrs. Haktak puts her hair pin into the pot. They discover that the brass pot is magical as their possessions double. Mr. and Mrs. Haktak try other ...

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Blockhead. The Life of Fibonacci

In this video, the life of Leonardo Fibonacci is examined. Living in medieval Italy, Leonardo constantly thought about numbers. People called him blockhead because he daydreamed about numbers. As Fibonacci grew older and travelled the world, he studied how other countries use numbers and how they...

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Betsy Franco explores birdsongs and behaviour. Counting backwards, the woodpecker pecks ten times as he searches for food. The hummingbird is the last bird presented with its one high-pitched peep. The second part of the video, called Feathery Facts, features facts about the birds found in the st...

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Sharing My Story. A Conversation with Betsy Franco

This short video is an interview with the writer, Betsy Franco, who talks about her books, "Bees, Snails, and Peacock Tails" and "Birdsongs."

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Bees, Snails, & Peacock Tails

In this video, nature's patterns and shapes are explored. The bee builds the hive using hexagons. The diamond back rattlesnake and copperhead both have repeating shapes on their bodies. Geese fly in a V-formation so they do not get tired. Some other animals are featured such as the spider, the pe...

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Landmark Numbers and Number Line

Series: Math Monsters
The Monster's castle is located on a highway between Positivity City and Negativityville. To help run their tow truck business, the Monsters develop a strategy to place Monster-meter signs at regular intervals. Students will learn about number line and the usefulness of landmark numbers

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Series: Math Monsters
The Math Monsters must pick and box all the gollywomple fruit in Aunt Two Lips' orchard. The Monsters must use estimation strategies to help them count the gollywomple fruit.

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Series: Math Monsters
After building a rocket, the Math Monsters must design a launch pad. They learn different strategies to figure out how many fire-proof tiles are needed for the launch pad.

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Series: Math Monsters
Binary Bill sends a brand new computer to the castle. The Monsters plug it in only to discover that Binary Bill has set certain challenges before they can log in.

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Counting and Symbolizing

Series: Math Monsters
The Monsters are invited to help Cousin Digit do an inventory of fish at his fish store. Because the fish move around, it is difficult to get an accurate count. A variety of counting strategies help the Monsters understand one-to-one correspondence.

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Series: Math Monsters
The Monsters learn how to recognize, describe, extend and create patterns. One Monster starts and asks the next to continue - but what exactly makes a pattern and how can it be extended? Other Monsters decorate their rooms with flip patterns, number patterns and growth patterns.

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Series: Math Monsters
The Monsters have only one kite to fly. In order to be fair, they need to take turns and must decide how long each turn will last. They learn how to break up the time into shorter and quantifiable amounts.

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Series: Math Monsters
The Monsters learn that Binary Bill does not know how to get to the Monsters' castle from his computer shop. A free form map is drawn and sent to Binary Bill by e-mail. When Binary Bill asks for landmarks, the Monsters label all the streets in their neighbourhood.

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Mental Math. Doubles and Their Neighbours

Series: Math Monsters
The Monsters' plan to perform in a circus provides a context for exploring doubles and their neighbours.

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Series: Math Monsters
The Monsters create an accurate model of their town by taking a look at the different shapes and sizes of the buildings. They explore concepts of perspective, encounter a triangular prism, cube, cylinder and octagonal prism and discover information about the characteristics of these shapes.